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  • Hello!

    I came back from graveyard and been transferred by ticket because i was in top 50. I did not receive the full benefits of returning from graveyard, like 17th spot back, free relocations or premium items.

    As you said in your post Getting an account out of Asphodel, I am entitled, just like any other player to receive to this premium items.

    Thank you for time!

    • Most probably the 17th spot is occupied, but you get a free move to 17th spot.

      If you do not find the free move please submit a ticket with correct identification details so the bug helper can reply to you.

    • The 17th spot was not occupied, and i watched carefully my spot since my graveyarding process starting untill i was transferred back. I didn't receive any relocation at all, neither 17th spot or normal, no premium account or items

      I already submitted a ticket before starting the conversation here. This was the answer to my ticket:

      "as I mentioned before, for cases such as yours when an account is moved manually there is no such option and there is no possibility to make an exception for any affected user ."

      Thank you for your time!

    • I'm afraid you have to continue discussion in tickets. You can ask for an opinion from upper levels by pressing complain instead of reply.

    • I am playing on RO community. I already talked with the COMA from BG in tickets (i don't know why BG and not RO) and she doesn't want to help. I think she is the highest level, pressing complain doesn't change anything.

      May i start a ticket on UK and seek there for help? I don't have much hope on continuing talks there...

      One of my friends had a similar problem and after a couple months of ticket talks solved nothing. Then he started a UK ticket and they solved it quick.

      I appreciate your help!

    • Each team can access only a specific country. Talking in UK does not help in RO because we cannot see RO servers.

      When a COMA is in vacation (and this is a time of vacations) another COMA replaces him/her temporarily (which is the same thing we do in RL at our jobs). This may be the reason you talked to another COMA.

      There is one thing left in your case, talk to badidol which is the chief of COMAs.

  • hello

    l didnt play long time and today l tried to open my game..l see it is ban until 2038 ? ikariam wait my open game in other world ? why it is banned ??

  • After the server merge I have an enormous amount of CT slots to fill. I'm being limited to 5 messages every 5 minutes. I have friends who don't seem to have this limitation, is there way to increase this limit?

  • Hey it’s Kharon from Acheron, could you look into my message I sent over ingame? Thanks.

  • I got banned last Wednesday (01/09/2021) even though I hadn't done anything on the new server. I sent a ticket almost immediately after the ban asking why I got banned and which timestamps and data you should check to see that I actually haven't done anything and the only response I've gotten in last 6+ days is essentially a slightly more descriptive version of the ban reason.

    To me it looks like either nobody is checking the issue or you've realized I haven't actually done anything wrong but you're waiting for the timestamps to get removed, so that I no longer have any proof of innocence.

    PS. I'm sorry to be doing this, especially since you're the only operator that actually responds to tickets, but that's also the reason I'm posting this on your wall, it doesn't look like anybody else cares.

    • Unfortunately, ban cases cannot be discussed publicly. Posting it here means it's public and I cannot give you any reply here.

    • I didn't know how else to reach you, my ticket has been getting ignored for the past week (18577264).

      Please check all the data I'm referring to on the ticket, or add me on discord (# is on the ticket), or contact me in way you deem fit.

      Just please stop ignoring my case, I've been banned for the past week and I haven't done anything wrong.

    • Dear Antikythra,

      it is unfortunately obvious that a mistake has been made and ban has been unjustified, the problem is that the tickets are being ignored on all levels from GO to game Admins as no one wants to take the responsibility for it. A big playerbase of our discord servers is quite disappointed with this case. That is why we no longer trust in ticket system and would like to solve it openly. We are all quite mature and not here to blame anyone or call names, all we'd like to see is some support in this matter and to get it solved.... There is a quote that says it's better to free 10 criminals than to imprison an innocent person. Hope we share the same opinion.

      We are looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully solve it.

      Best regards,


      P.S. feel free to delete the message if you thing it anyhow damages your GOs integrity or reputation but please do not ignore the content.

    • It's not a problem of integrity or reputation, bans were never discussed in open spaces because always include private data that cannot be disclosed to all players. First we need to identify the owner of an account and this cannot be done in a forum where you have different name from all game accounts.

      Here, on the forum you can send a private message to anyone, but this is not a solution because maybe that person can have few days free and the message will not be read for a long time.

      In ticket system if one GO is not available, a SGO or admin takes his place and tickets are read. It can also help you when you complain of something, therefore it's the best option.

    • The ticket has been open for 8 days by now, it has been "handled", by GO, SGO, GA and then back to SGO.

      It doesn't look like anybody is going to answer. If the tickets get ignored and I'm not allowed to discuss it here, how else am I supposed to contact you, to resolve this issue?

  • Hello, have you guys stopped localization for the prices in-game shop? I'm living in Turkey and the prices for ambrosia packages used to be in ₺. Now it is in € for me.

    I'm not using a VPN, checked my IP and it shows Turkey as a location.

    I've been away for a long time and recently returned to my EN account. My account in TR is still showing ₺ as currency. Just the EN account is only showing €.

    • I didn't notice, but I checked it now and it's in Euro for me too.

    • So was this an intentional change that wasn't listed on patch notes etc or some error that no1 reported so far? I've sent a ticket but guess support team doesn't work on the weekends

    • Support team work on weekend, but GF employees not. This is a question to ask them.

  • Hello,
    is it possible to transfer an account from any server to the test server?
    Thanks and bye.

    • No, test server is for testing only and has some differences from live servers. You should not rely on test server to play as accounts may be lost with any software change. Future versions are tested on test server before applying to live servers.

      Besides it has a different lobby, too.

  • hello

  • Hi old co-team member! It's being one day now, i login in the lobby, but can't login in the servers, that's epsilon and rho, game name vivaldi30. It goes round and round and cant connect. Any ideas about the problem? Thanks!

    • And an additional question, iif you please, it's being years now since i last used the ticket system, i no longer habe access to the email i had there, i should register again with the mail i use in the game i quess, right?

    • Hi :)

      About your first question: we do not have an Epsilon server. Maybe in another community?

      Rho should be ok.

      As for ticket system, if you have the password you can still login to ticket system. Once you login you can add the current email which needs confirmation. After that, you can have access to your old tickets.

    • Sorry it's beta and rho. And i still cant login in either of them. Anyone facing the same problem? Any idea of why this is happening? As for the ticket system i am afraid i dont remember nothing so it's new register i guess? Again thanks.

    • I'm afraid no one else reported anything like this. Maybe it's cache and cookies issue.

  • As lower ranked, can i recieve help from few other accounts (not mine ofc) with higher point rate? Is there any line which i must not pass? I mean on resourses ofc

  • Hi there, sorry for writing here. I have to ask why i got banned for 1 year for reason multi 1/4? I linked them with ip share using only for donating on saw mill. Did not have any touch between them. (even 1 is from my sister, since we have that kind of provider static ip adress, we had to link them in any case). Can you check it please. Since m leader of first rank alliance on Skiron server. Thank you astra

    • I'm afraid I cannot discuss bans on a public place. The reply to your question is in the ticket.

  • hi dear sgo

    How you doing man

    you dont come irc anymore?

    • Well, since irc is not that populated anymore and I don't have so much free time, I try to login to see if there is any problem, but I don't stay much. Just like you did. You came, stayed 5 minutes and left.

    • When i come to irc, i feel like imm in a dead village. i remember old days ... old friends ...

      im not crying...

      whatever bro, im always around here, see you later,

      take care of yourself

    • come discord man

    • No. discord is an abusive non-GDPR compliant company. I don't want to give them my phone number and they don't want to activate my account without it, therefore bye-bye discord.

    • ohh :(

  • I received a message that Im using multi account on the Poseidon serve. There is a very small chance that someone in my company is a user as well but I have no means of knowing who that is.

    I am playing on Beta server as well but i dont believe that is what multiuser message was for.

    Can you help ?

    • Servers are not linked to each other. You can have up to 11 accounts on each server.

      Whenever you see a message on a yellow background that stays on top of all messages you have to know that it was sent for all players, not specifically for you.

      Yellow messages are sent to remind all players of rules or changes in game or other important stuff.

      After such message one cannot say he didn't know about the rule when his account is banned.

  • hi, how do i open a ticket ? i cant log in on my phone using the mobile app anymore :(

    Thnx in advance

  • Can i have more details about ban against me and my alliance? Is it Personal or? Becouse its too many multiaccaunts there and nobody touch them,when we star fight with MIRACLE, BANN but not for them, FOR US. So can i have some answers? Can i see at least one report from my accaunt how i pilage multies? Yes,that's right just one,becouse bann it's says MULTI and its for 1 year? So please answer me as soon as possible thank you.

  • Hi, maybe You know sth about new EN server? We have many players waiting for it. We hope to see it in few weeks but Ikariam gives no info about it.

    • I'm afraid that I don't know anything more.

      News about servers are announced on the boards.

    • Thanks for reply :)

  • bu

  • Thanks by guides for gaming.