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  • Hi. I want to ask you about my ban. It is unfair in my opinion and try to prove. Is this right place to talk to you or should I apply ticket system?

    • Please open a ban inquiry ticket so we can help you out ;)

  • Hello,

    One of my alliance mate went with me on a mission to attack 2 cities of another player. Thanks to my espionage, we know that only one of his 2 cities have a lot of loots, so each of us will attack one city and divide the loot, the lucky one who hit the jackpot keeps 75% and the other takes 25%. I wonder if that is considered pushing thus violating the game rules. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Aurelius,

      You will be in Pushing situation only if your friend is lower than you, and sends you the resources that you shared from raids. Meaning that if the higher player wins a 'jackpot', he is free to share the loot with the lower player without any consequences. However, if the lower player wins a 'jackpot', he will not be able to send resources without receiving anything in the return otherwise, both will experience disciplinary actions.

  • I'm playing in US "Ny server' and I have 400k points and I tried to transfer my account to UK "Poseidon server" and I need 1500 Ambrosia to do that and I have 2800 but when I set the town package community and server then click on OK they say "Access denied" please help me !! I did all the requirement that make able to transfer my account but still same problem I'm trying since yesterday :(

  • can you accept my message on a post please... dont know why i keeps blocking my posts...

    • Since I am not Board Team, but Game Team, I have no access to do that. You will have to wait one of our MODs to approve your post.
      Your posts are sent on verification most probably because it contains links or some other potential violations of the rules, so they need to be checked additionally before posting.