Getting an account out of Asphodel

  • Getting an account out of Asphodel

    Graveyarding is the new ghosting. The graveyard is named Asphodel.

    Getting an unbanned account out of Asphodel looks like this:

    You can see your accounts on Asphodel in the lobby like any other account. But they cannot be played where they are, so you need to get them out of there and place them on one of the live servers in any community you like.


    When you login to the account on Asphodel you have the option to move the account to a live server or let it on Asphodel where you cannot play.


    Clicking on account transfer you see the selection tab and the FAQ tab. You need to read the FAQ to see what you can do or cannot do.



    You need to choose the community and the server you want to move. Before actually starting the transfer it is better to inspect that server.

    Inspection consists in few conditions you need to accomplish in order to be able to transfer your account there (e.g. free transfer slots or if your name already exists),



    If all conditions are fulfilled you can click the "Start transfer now" button.


    Once again you are asked if you are sure you want to start the transfer because the account transfer cannot be undone.


    After few seconds your account appears in the lobby, on the server you have chosen and right below it you can see that account on Asphodel is no longer available (appears as "banned for Account Transfer")


    When you login to the account you can see that you have Premium Account active for 7 days and town relocation items in inventory.


    This process is very similar to the last merge process, you will find the account in the same conditions as it would have been when ghosted (e.g. no cultural treaties, no workers anywhere, etc) and you can move the towns once for free. Unlike the merge you will not have the Festival of worlds to give you +1000 satisfaction.