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  • Dear Visitor, I wrote this tiny page for you.

    A student of Biochemistry, born in Serbia, living in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Fan of games since I was a child, first alliance created 10 years ago on Slovenian server - Alpha - [LOD]. A big fan of WoW (those who played will feel the nostalgia even at listening. Played it actively for more than 8 years, currently on a break. Founder of Ragnarok and the current leader of the Ascension [ASN].

    Apart from my game and academic life I like to travel a lot, our road trips are said to never end... I am also tutoring to finance my trips and hanging out with people at weekends. As I always love to say in Ikariam, diplomacy is always stronger than generals. I was a delegate, official and also the head organiser for the national European Youth Parlament in Ljubljana 2020. Co-founder of the currently biggest Alumni High school association in Ljubljana, occupying the position of the board member and the project leader.

    Apart from all this, I am trying to hit a gym few times a week at least or at least go for a run in the forest. Yes Ljubljana is quite green ^^. If you are looking for a time to attack me, while I will be asleep, do it in the morning. I am rather a night owl and will be working, playing or partying till morning. However, do not call me before 2 pm ^^.

    Feel free to contact me anytime: Alltarus#4269

    Best regards,

    Luka (Papa)