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    Hello Bigsmoke,

    It is really troubling to have to experience such a situation in the game this is why I can understand your standpoint.

    Allow me to offer some suggestions on how to proceed with this type of situations if you still encounter them.

    Since pillaging is the part of game mechanics, we cannot do much about that, but to say that you have to invest some time by making good tactic to make your enemy stop attacking you. Try to contact him, with a good, polite and friendly tone asking them to stop or ask some other alliances to help you with the war. There are a lot of open options to handle such enemies, but keep on mind that the main key to success is a wise tactic.

    From Game Rules side - we cannot do much since I can confirm Kovomatix statement that Bashing rule was removed and there is no limit regarding pillaging anymore.

    Have a wonderful rest of the day :)!

    Kind regards,


    Super Game Operator


    Thin Blue Line

    we appreciate your interest to be a fair player. Here we will try to explain you in detail how to play fair with multi accounts, and avoid of getting banned.

    I. Multi-Accounting

    It is possible to maintain several accounts on one and the same server. These have to be announced to us by using a game internal function. Direct interaction between these multi accounts is not allowed. Circumventing these rules via other players is not allowed.

    The interaction between multi accounts includes:

    • Trading
    • Defending or attacking towns
    • Joint raids

    Which means that you are not allowed to:

    • send goods to each other.
    • send military units to each other.
    • raid each other - military and piracy.
    • trade with each other.
    • spy each other.

    To avoid such an interaction, GameForge implemented "IP sharing" option. Once you activate that option, you will not be able to make any fleet contact and in that way violate multi-rule.

    The most important fact is that you have to declare IP sharing correctly. That means that if you have 4 multi accounts you have to set IP sharing like this:

    Account1 must be linked to Account2, 3 and 4

    Account2 must be linked to Account3 and 4

    Account3 must be linked to Account4.

    Even if you do not have multi-account, but you share your IP address with your friend/housemate or anyone else, you have to declare IP sharing.

    Our players are often confused thinking that we ban for multi-accounting only if they access them from the same IP. Even if you have 4 accounts and you play them in 4 different places, you still have to declare that accounts as multi.

    Under multi-accounting rule falls Circumvention of multi-rule too.

    That means that you are not allowed to use the third party to gain advantage from your multi accounts. There are a different type of violation of that rule, but here is one example.

    You have 1 multi-account, and ask your friend to pillage your multi-account, and send you resources he pillaged.

    In that situation, all 3 accounts will be banned for the circumvention of the multi rule.

    Finally, it is allowed to maintain up to 11 accounts at the same server. That means that you are allowed to play with one main account, and 10 multi accounts. If you create more multi accounts, you will not be able to setup IP sharing with the rest of them, and risk suspension for Mass Multi.

    It's good for you to know that you are allowed to:

    • join the same alliance(s).
    • use the in-game messaging systems - the in-game message, the chat, the alliance forums, with each other.
    • have cultural treaties with each other.
    • donate on the same island(s).
    • be friend with your multi

    If you have any other questions , feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

    Your Ikariam UK team

    How about when you have players doing as lazy gamer suggested, organized usage of multis or alliance members to generate piracy points? That sounds a lot like pushing. While the mechanics of it are different, it achieves the same results.

    Hey Scythe,

    you are right and thanks for input :)! Described behavior is not allowed, and proper suspensions should be placed for such players. May I ask you to use in-game report option or raise a ticket so we can investigate a little bit further?

    is it possible to migrate my account to different region?:)

    It is possible to migrate account on another server or community, but there are some requirements you have to meet.

    • Transfers to war servers are not permitted.
    • You can rebuild your Helios Towers after the transfer.
    • If possible, your towns will be transferred to the same coordinates. If these locations are occupied, your towns will be placed on islands with the same resource deposits.
    • Lapsed cultural treaties will be compensated by a satisfaction bonus (+1000 satisfaction) for 7 days.
    • You cannot transfer to a server where you would immediately land in the top 50.

    For each town you have to pay some amount of ambrosia. Starting price is 700 Ambrosia.

    If you purchase your account transfer together with some town relocations in one package, each town relocation will cost you 175 Ambrosia.

    Kind regards,


    Super Game Operator


    Thin Blue Line

    Dear players,

    here is a short guide about how to use our Ticket system account, and how to open a ticket.

    First, you should visit our support system page:

    After you opened the link, you should see the index page:


    If you have an existing account, fill your email and password at the right part of the screen. If you need to register, click at small blue "register" near "login" button.

    After you clicked on the register button, you should see the following page:


    Please click at "register" button and fill your information. Please try to use the same email address as you used for board and game accounts in order to prove your account ownership, and allow us to assist you. Without a corresponding email address, we will not be able to talk about your account information.


    After you filled all boxes with your credentials, please click on "Register" button.


    Now you will have to confirm your email. The system will send you an email with an activation link for your new account. Please open your mail provider and click on "Activate account".


    After you clicked on "Activate account", you should be redirected to the index page of our support system with some additional buttons.


    With "Manage email addresses" you can add or remove emails connected with your support account.

    If you click on "Ticket history" you will be able to see all tickets connected with your email.

    If you click on "Contact support" you will be able to select from the drop-down menu from which part of the team you need help. Is it "Board team", "Game team" or "payment".


    And now, the last step before you send a ticket. You will be asked to fill your username, server you play (in case you send a ticket for the game), and some additional information.

    After you filled everything as detailed as you could, click on Submit.


    After you opened a ticket, click on the grey "ticket history" button and you should be able to see your first ticket.


    If you click on the title of your ticket, in my case Banned account inquiry, you should see full ticket information.


    If you have something to add, use the "Send reply" button.

    If you are not satisfied with GO/MOD judgment, you can ask for their supervisors by clicking on the "complain" button.

    If you think that your issue is solved in the meantime, you can use "close".