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  • Hi Can you advise how you can invite or add new members to your alliance? I do not find an option for this in the Embassy?



    • Hi,

      players have to apply for membership in an alliance.

      You can then go to your embassy, click on "Applications" and accept or decline them.

      kind regards

  • Hallo Badidol,
    ich glaub ich bin zu doof,
    um Nachrichten über die Barbarendörfer zu finden.
    Kannst du mir sagen,
    ob da irgendwann wieder Überfälle gehen?
    Meine letzte Info war, man solle es sein lassen,
    weil die betreffenden Truppen auf immer verschollen gingen.
    Hat sich da schon was getan?
    oder ist das wie mit Covid-19, dass wir einfach mal
    ein paar Jahre abwarten müssen?
    Mit herzlichemn Gruß,

  • 2 complaints for double accounts in PI

    I'm still waiting.....

    I know, I know, use ticketing .... is the rule.......

    The rule not to punish friends from other worlds ...

    This is how the game is destroyed.

  • Hello Badidol , i am playing on Test server for long Time , i have question for you please

    for last update of loby change the sistems of loging and logout list on Loby , i mean i have more multigame on test server and each one account when i open the account and logout from account otomatickly that account be up and be first account on list like this i can fallow the all my account so easy , but now the list of account on loby is fixed any accound i open and loguot still list same and no change ,

    can you help me please to back same as before list is can change with online statues.

    i am sorry for my bad english :)

    • Sorry, but I am having a hard time making sense of what you wrote. Please try the support system of your country so you can receive support in your language.

  • Kedves Badidol!

    Arról szeretnék érdeklődni, hogy van 2 acc-om (Gamma, és My szerver), de 1 az e-mail cím, szeretném megváltoztatni csak az egyik e-mail címét, de nem tudom hogyan is kell hogy csak az egyik acc-nak változzon meg az e-mail címe.

    Tudnál nekem segíteni esetleg ebben? :)

    Köszönöm előre is.

    • Since I have no idea what you're saying, please stick to the ticket system of your language.

      My wall is not a support system.

  • Good night Badidol

    Pinky did not attend me well

    I AM A CUSTOMER The community is over 10 years old and spends tons of ambrysia per month and when she needs support in the game Pinky serves me very badly and does not answer my questions and does not care about good customer service

    throwing us in the trash can, I am dissatisfied with the leader of my community, she doesn’t solve anything .. and if she wants to analyze or look

    I want my case to be resolved, if you don't want my consumption rights

    if you can look at my ticket

    I am waiting

    and about a pitiful pinky or the way it’s serving ikariam customers

    why the game is getting worse than the worst

    • First of all: Pinky is not your servant. She does not need to serve you, well or otherwise.

      Secondly: I am not the responsible CoMa for your community, hence I do not see your tickets, nor do I need to as it is not my community.

      Since you didn't actually say what this is all about there is nothing more I could say about it. As said before, stick to your community's support system. My wall is not a support system.

  • Boa noite Badidol

    O Pinky não me atendeu bem

    EU SOU UM CLIENTE da comunidade tem mais de 10 anos e gasta toneladas de ambrisia por mês e quando precisa de um suporte no jogo Pinky me atende super mal e não responde minhas perguntas e não liga para o bom atendimento ao cliente

    nos jogando na lata do lixo estou insatisfeito com a lider da minha comunidade ela não resolve nada.. e se quer analisa ou olha

    quero o meu caso resolvido, se você não quiser os meus direitos de consumo

    se puder olhar meu Ticket

    fico no aguardo

    e sobre um lamentavel mindinho ou o modo que ela está atendendo os clientes do ikariam

    por que o jogo está indo pior do que o pior

    • Realmente os banimentos no mundo Delta estão surreais e o suporte que nos dão é patético: não temos um esclarecimento de nada. Vi vários amigos de jogo sendo banidos e quando tentaram obter uma resposta mais detalhada sobre o banimento, ficaram no vácuo com respostas vagas, autoritárias e medíocres.

      É preciso rever a forma como a GF lida com os clientes (consumidores / jogadores, pagantes ou não)

    • Since I have no idea what you're saying, please stick to the ticket system of your language.

      My wall is not a support system.

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  • Hello

    If a player with a higher score sends resources to another player with a lower score, will it be banned?

  • Good afternoon badidol.

    I have a small account on Poseidon (England), and run and alliance there.

    I also have a larger account on Demeter (England), and would like to move it to Poseidon, and have the larger account take over the alliance.

    Then delete the smaller account.

    I have tried multiple times, but it will not allow me, because I keep getting the message, that there is already someone on the poseidon server with the same email.

    Is there a way to make this happen?

  • Hello,

    I play at Ares3 at German world. 05.05. I wos punished and I could 24h not enter at my acc.

    I got the message.

    Dein Account ist gesperrt bis:Dienstag, 5. Mai 2020, 22:27

    Grund: Inhalt - schwerwiegender Verstoß

    When I logged in ,I realized I hedn,t been given a palm tree. UM

    The player who roobed me know I wouldn,t show ap, he robbed me directli from his hometown.

    • Verladezeit: - Reisezeit: 47m 9s
    • 17:10:50
    • Ziel: Schützenhaus 3
    • Distance between mine and his city.
    • My robbery was helped in this case by some administrator.
    • I wont to help me and invetigate this case.
    • Otherwise I won,t play anymore. It,s not worth it when players have that kind of help.
    • Thank you in advance
    • Espata

    • Please contact support.

      My wall is not the support system.

  • hola buenos dias no puedo entrar al juego desde mi telefono movil alguna forma nueva hay para poder acceder

    • Please contact support.

      My wall is not the support system.

  • Do you mind check your PM please ? ;c

    • Your PM isn't even an hour old.

      How about some patience?

    • sorry ;v

  • hi,

    i have a question about inappropriate town names and my question would be, if my town names are within rules (if not i will change it)


    Fat Pigs,

    Fat Priests,

    Fat Villagers,

    Fat Alcoholics,

    there is no intention to offend someone, it meant to be as a joke.

    Hoping for a response,

    Have a good day :):)

    • I'd consider these rude and inappropriate, however, not yet in a manner that would make me personally react to them already.

      I would however advise to refrain from doing that, these days people get offended rather quickly.

  • hi,

    i was trying to 'drive away brigands' and atfer i won the "17Y bug" happaned and also the barbarian still in the vinegard what can i do?


    user: Yehonatan

    server Lips (us)

    • Hi,

      the issue is known and reported.

      Until there is a fix there is nothing we can do.


      Kind regards

  • Hello,

    I have an issue with the barbarians. I saw the in-game email about attacking them, which I took to mean pillage. Today (I'm relatively new to the game) the barbarians started taking my wine resource, so I thought fighting them off would be okay. Now my troops are stuck in that 17year limbo.

    I realize that you no longer refund troops, which I'm okay with... but is there any work around for me to get rid of the impact it is having on my in game income?

    Thanks in advance,


    • Hi,

      the issue is known and reported.

      Until there is a fix there is nothing we can do.


      Kind regards

  • Здравей къде мога да намеря инфо. за оформяне на външна страница на съюз.Забравил съм как ставаше :(

    • If only I knew what you said.

      Maybe try your language's support system or forum section.

  • Hi.

    I have seriously problem (play bug).

    My soldiers win barbarians ,but at now stay in way 17 YEARS +....and barbarians siphoning 40 % production in two towns.

    Is any options fix that bug ? uk server , Pan , player Ely.

    • Tnx.

      I read about this, but that not fix -40% marble income .

    • Briliant answer from support team :

      Answer from: MrSniperZ 2020-04-20 12:52:45
      Hello Ely,

      the bug was already recognized, reported, and will be fixed in the next update. At the moment, we don't have any detail about when the next update will be released.
  • Hello,

    I see there are no new updates on the barbarian issues, but i have a question.
    "The barbarians have set their brigands on us. They're siphoning off 40 percent of our luxury resource production on the island of -------. We should chase the brigands away as soon as possible! "

    Is it safe to chase them away ... or i cant do that ? :(

    Best regards,

    • Any barbarian fight is a barbarian fight, so this applies to that, too, unfortunately.

    • At now ,only one way sort problem.

      Choose Barbarian Village--> open Ceasefire---> pay with resources or with Ambrosia.

    • yeah, no thanks

      ... i would rather just risk it then pay for it :D

  • Hey badidol,

    You're doing a great job, keep it up:)


  • Pan world. No any Spring bonus.

    • Read the announcement properly. Special servers can't get the bonus because they are special (= have bonuses active) already. It was announced like this.

    • Thank.

      I have no idea about Pan (special) server.

      I switch to Pan cause had email from Ikeriam about that server...

    • World info


      • Name: Pan
      • Speed: 1
      • Time of departure : 11.06.2019
      • Special Server: No
    • That mean---> all servers info is wrong....

  • Hey, we still didn't get the New Spring bonus, is it still not activated?

    • Read the announcement properly. Special servers can't get the bonus because they are special (= have bonuses active) already. It was announced like this.

    • I'm on a normal server, Poseidon....

    • Poseidon is not a normal server in any country. It's a special server.

    • OK but does it write the below in World Info?:

      • Name: Poseidon
      • Speed: 1
      • Time of departure : 12.09.2019
      • Special Server: No
    • What country are we talking about?

      After August 2017 NO new server was a normal server.

  • Hello! i have a question.. I have the app installed on my iphone. It works on Romanian server Chi world, but when i am trying to connect on USA server Lips world, i can`t...

    It says that my username is not correct, but i have my mail address as username. Can you help me? As explain how to fix it..

  • Hello, my engels is not goed. My troops are gone yes? Gone for ever? :(

  • hi I did fight barbarian and I win but I didn't receive my resources and I did lose my troops why is happened and I need my troops and resources I win in those fight ?

    • when is going to happened

    • You had to contact support during the time we still refunded them.

      Read the information in the thread. It is no longer refunded.


  • Information regarding Barbarian Fights

    How about informing via global messaging aka yellow messages?

    • How about reading your "yellow messages"?

      Already done. If it hasn't been done in your community then poke your CoMa.

    • Ok, TY..

    • Still no announcements in LV servers. If it's CoMa's fault - djakon needs a bump.

  • Hallo badidol wo stell ich den auf Kaikias eine Kriegserklärung ein,ich will eine Offizielle machen


    Vlad tepes

    • Im Forum im entsprechenden Bereich einen Post erstellen und mit dem zugehörigen Serverlabel versehen.

    • danke schon gefunden und erledigt

  • Hi, bezüglich Barbaren auf PI. Einzustellen sind Barbarenkämpfe mit "Truppen". Eine 50er Barbarenflotte steht für mich bereit und ich bin gleich dahin unterwegs. Ich gehe davon aus, dass "Flotte" die Warnung nicht beinhaltet?


    • Grundsätzlich sollten sämtliche Barbarenencounters derzeit unterlassen werden.

  • Can you please check your messages? Thanks.

    • Please contact support.

      My wall is not the support system.

  • Dear Authority; Turkey Ikariam authority with no see, no interested in our demand, we will meet with whom sided punishment on the game operator, no one cares.

    • Please contact support.

      My wall is not the support system.