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  • /ping badidol

    • At this time? You crazy? :P

    • for you is this time, for me is just 5 hours early

    • Well, I slept at that time :p

    • At that time I'm still writing my next paper X_X

    • 🤣

  • So.. Board's dead now. What next? What kind of creepy updates shall we wait for in-game?

    • I don't share your definition of dead.

    • oh, wait.. Draxo said that in-game link to board will be fixed in 18.03. It is nearly month around and they can't even fix that.. What the fluck?

    • 2-4 posts and 0-1 thread a day is not actually an active scennario (as much as I know).

    • No idea, where you get your "statistics" from, but there are more than 2-4 posts created a day.

      I also don't care for your tonality.

    • Sorry didn't mention - in EN/US section.

      P.S. Sorry for my tonality. I'm just curious about this game that GF does nothing to improve it and doesn't accept any help.

  • hey,

    i cant see in the mobile app of ikarim the 17 place.

    my question is if in the future i will see him?

    • Further updates of the app are rather unlikely at this point.

    • can i ask why?

      its very frustrating not be able to access to 17 place in the city.

      a lot of players still buy ambrosia so the game is not dead yet. and the game is still profit.

    • Because Gameforge stopped our efforts on the mobile gaming market several years ago.

      The app is just a partner app and was never meant to fully replace the game.

    • ok.

      thank u for the quick answers!

  • Hi badi

  • hi my ikariam in turkey server account My ban seven unduly me that account speedily I want to play again, but fast food coma us not get interlocutor does not listen to our problems ikariam top How can I contact an authorized aswell please help me

    • I am still not the responsible CoMa for Turkey. FastFooD is. Contact him or the Turkish support system.

  • Hey! do I just create a new thread in bugs If I want to report a serious bug in the battle system that happened today?

    • Support System :)

    • If it's all that serious use the support system, yes :)

  • When and how will the inter-server merger be made?

    • There is currently, sadly, no information available about merges.

    • Are you considering international mergers? :))

    • Yes and no.

      It is, obviously, as soon as merges work again, a possibility that we - like we did with Iran, Pakistan, etc. - consider merging smaller communities into EN for example.

      There are no concrete plans, however. First merges have to work again :)

    • Hmm OK Thanks :))

    • No problemo :)

  • איזה מגניבים אתם!

    • Unfortunately I have no idea what you're trying to tell me. Maybe try again in English? :)

    • Using a Translator he/she said What cool you are!

  • merhaba haksız yere psi de aşiret adlı hesabım 2015 kapatıldı turkiye serverinde bu konuda bana yardımcı olurmusunuz rica etsem

    • Please contact your responsible support :)

    • bizim turk serverinda adalet yok hesabım haksız kapatıldı bu konuda ikariam ust yetkililerce hesabımın acılmasını rica ediyorum bana yardımcı olun lutfen

    • Please contact your responsible support or your responsible CoMa. As you might have noticed: I don't speak Turkish :)

    • Try gobble gobble gobble, that the only Turkey i know :D