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  • All we need is a permanent global warrior. This is very easy and in English. Can the company do it every 3 months?

    • There is a permanent war server already.

    • no just 10 years

    • It is permanent. An end date had to be provided due to the way this server is set up.

      It is, however, permanent and will not end after 10 years.

    • ares 3 war server English It is permanent

    • All current warservers are permanent that way.

  • Hi badidol

    First of all, forgiven my english.

    The reason for this message is to know what is happening with the Ikariam Mobile app, as it does not let me select the country, the server or let me log in. I don't know if there are update plans or not anymore

    • Please file a bug report in your respective language's forum area.

  • Hi, what's with new servers? all community is talking about it and it's like GF just removed it. We been cheering bcoz GF done nice work but now.... what happened? Is it fake?

    • This is fake. Someone took a screenshot of an old server announcement and edited the dates.

    • And maybe any news about posible date of new server if that's the case? No need accurate but around if You can?

    • New servers will be announced in the news sections of the forum when it's time.

    • I know, but atleast maybe around what time We could wait for it... 30 days, 1 year? :D aiii, don't care I will find sth to do in that time, thanks anyway :)

    • I simply can't say anything before we post it in the news, sorry.

  • Hey Badidol before today you have post a message about a new server called posedion but i cant find the message agin can you help me ? the server wass set to start 10-09-2019

    • This is fake. Someone took a screenshot of an old server announcement and edited the dates.

  • Hi i sent you an email as i have account in UK lips. My problem in when i changed the government form to aristocrat nothing happened no advantage and no disadv.

    Can you please help to solve? Or is it a glitch?

    • Hi, please create a bug report thread in the appropriate section.

  • Hi, maybe You have any info about new EN server date? Many players are waiting for it.

    • Hi, new servers will be announced in the news sections of the forum when it's time :)

  • Boa tarde,

    jogo no mundo BETA com o nome ALMAR

    não estou a conseguir entrar no jogo

    em vez de entrar foi criada uma nova conta com o nome MANOLO!

    a minha capital encontra-se em 64:41

    peço ajuda pois jogo desde 2008 e gostava de continuar com a minha conta, obrigado.

    sou líder da aliança SOSLB

    • Please contact the Portuguese support.

      I do not understand you.

  • Bonjour depuis la dernière mise à jour début août 2019 je ne suis plus en mesure de me connecter à mon premier compte sur Lips avec le pseudo "MicMic" pouvez vous faire quelque chose merci

    Ps Je suis un joueur venant de Belgique mais mon adresse .be avec mon premier compte n'est plus reconnue

    • Please contact the French support.

      I do not understand you.

  • I have a question

    I have 10 multiple accounts

    Established them share IP

    Is it possible to connect them in one lobby?

    By linking them all to the same email?

    Is this act legal or not?

    • You can't have more than one account on the same mail on the same server, even with the lobby.

      Each account needs an own mail address and you need to add that account to the lobby then.

      And you still have to link your multis, otherwise it's multi accounting and gets you banned.

  • Hey!! Did you miss me? :) what's going on? :love:

    • All good in da hood.

    • Yeah. Everything is okey. But just very hot and damp :(

  • sayın manager im serverlar arası birleşim olacak mı

    yanıtınız için teşekürler

    • Please poke the Turkish support.

  • Kann mich in Gamma nicht mehr einloggen!!! Was kann ich tun???


    • Zum Einloggen nutzt man nun Mailadresse und Passwort.

  • hoola recibiste mi mensaje?

  • .

    • ?

    • I mentioned you in the thread :d

    • I noticed. I don't understand what it is about, though.

    • Just I mentioned you, this is the rule. When I mentioned you in the thread. You have to mention someone. Just a game :)

    • I see.

      So many board games. Losing overview :)

  • I liked dev.board .d

  • Hi badidol

    I have a wonderful suggestion

    I hope it will be implemented

    The problem of multiple accounts is very large

    These multiple accounts have made players dislike the game

    I saw the idea that you did

    By logging in via e-mail

    The idea is excellent and very exquisite

    I have another idea I would like you to do

    This idea will make the game great and very fun too

    It makes it difficult to create multiple accounts

    Which is to activate the account by telephone number

    And the account that is not activated

    It is deleted after a week even if it is within the holiday

    Through this method

    It will be very difficult for players to create multiple accounts

    The game will be more fun

    • This is very unlikely to happen, sorry.

      That is not an easy thing to do and would require more work than we can currently perform.

      At the moment, as you know, our resources are limited.

    • Is it possible to apply the second idea?

      Account that is not activated

      Within a week in the email

      Is deleted

  • Hi, not sure who to write, so since I see that You are the most active admin... We talking with USA and EN players about possibility to make big server of players from national servers. Idea is that We could gather many players (maybe 2-5k real players) from many nations and servers. EN would like to join but only if it will be new EN server. What We need to do to get new server? And could We somehow talk with Ikariam about options for new server (since many hate few changes and We could gather players).

    P.S. For now US HADES server already has PHI, USA, RO, LV, LT and many other Central and North Europe communities (just small parts). We like Ikariam but to be honest it used to be better back in the old days.

    • Heyo, you can't just "order" a server, that's not how it works :)

      Servers are opened regularly and the settings are not negotiable. We are choosing different settings in order to provide variety in play style. Also: certain things (like piracy) etc. are also not negotiable, they're integral parts of the game and can not be simply removed like that.

      You can make suggestions for the settings for the next new servers, but I can't promise we can follow them.

    • Thank anyway, I guess We will try to gather players to new EN server. I think it will be open at the end of this summer? *And it wasn't an order, I was just trying to ask maybe Ikariam would make like lvl 5 forest instead of leting multies... For egs. Vietnam players in many servers use IP changes and multies for packs (as troop banks) so it so anoying for 30 players ally to face like 50 multies with packs... And ticket answer are like ' multies are legal for tributing and We don't have any information that it's used for units bcoz IP isn't the same so it's another play'. I know like 50 players who left this game just bcoz of it and I might join this group soon coz servers are dying and We're losing fun.

  • Μy account with name odyseas (with 69,300,000 points) in ikariam Greece world Gamma has been stolen since today 08/07/19 early morning (the latest) on top of these i have spent hundreds of Euro to buy Amvrosia for this account , i have made a ticket to the greek community of Ikariam 10 hours ago (on 08/07/19 14:00 hours) no responce untill now. Is there any responsible person from Ikariam team to solve the problem and give me my account??

    • Please contact Greek support system.

      Support ticket replies can take up to 48 hours.

      Please remain patient.

    • Thank you very much for your reply,

      Definitely i remain patient for the required time for proper actions.

      And of course I have already contacted the Greek support system with ticket (ID 17357354 ) 24 hours ago (on 08/July/1914:00 hours) and additionally I have created a thread with subject ‘Stolen account on world Gamma(greece) no responce from Ikariam Greece until now’in the Greek Ikariam Forun, yesterday late evening, but I have not received any response or comment from any member of the Greek support team up to now for both of them.

      Therefore I am concerned if they have read or if somebody is working on the problem.

      Due to the above Is it possible yourself to contact with them and check if they are investigating the case

      Best Regards and many Thanks in advance

    • I will inform Melione, the responsible Community Manager.

    • I have just received comments from members of the greek support team both to my ticket and to my thread. So they work in the problem and i believe they will resolve,

      Thank you again for your understanding and your comments

  • heavy-black-heart_2764.png

  • Helpful, kind, probably handsome COMA


  • Hello
    I send you this message because I was banished from the pan world of ikariam because I do not know the rules of the game and I sent 100 of christal to my brother who shares the same address ip

    dufact that I did not know the rules I hope I will be banned because being banned 1 year for just 10 crystal is a bit bete

    thank you for your help

    • Please make a ticket in the ticket system of your community.

  • Hello. You used to write official reactions sometimes in STOMT. You probably can't catch up because it's overcrowded right now. But everyone is curious. Do you plan to publish an article (such as a letter) as a collective answer to them?

  • 12 I lost my shipping ship

  • Hello Friend Good Game ;)

  • /ping badidol

    • At this time? You crazy? :P

    • for you is this time, for me is just 5 hours early

    • Well, I slept at that time :p

    • At that time I'm still writing my next paper X_X

    • 🤣

  • So.. Board's dead now. What next? What kind of creepy updates shall we wait for in-game?

    • I don't share your definition of dead.

    • oh, wait.. Draxo said that in-game link to board will be fixed in 18.03. It is nearly month around and they can't even fix that.. What the fluck?

    • 2-4 posts and 0-1 thread a day is not actually an active scennario (as much as I know).

    • No idea, where you get your "statistics" from, but there are more than 2-4 posts created a day.

      I also don't care for your tonality.

    • Sorry didn't mention - in EN/US section.

      P.S. Sorry for my tonality. I'm just curious about this game that GF does nothing to improve it and doesn't accept any help.

  • hey,

    i cant see in the mobile app of ikarim the 17 place.

    my question is if in the future i will see him?

    • Further updates of the app are rather unlikely at this point.

    • can i ask why?

      its very frustrating not be able to access to 17 place in the city.

      a lot of players still buy ambrosia so the game is not dead yet. and the game is still profit.

    • Because Gameforge stopped our efforts on the mobile gaming market several years ago.

      The app is just a partner app and was never meant to fully replace the game.

    • ok.

      thank u for the quick answers!

  • Hi badi

  • hi my ikariam in turkey server account My ban seven unduly me that account speedily I want to play again, but fast food coma us not get interlocutor does not listen to our problems ikariam top How can I contact an authorized aswell please help me

    • I am still not the responsible CoMa for Turkey. FastFooD is. Contact him or the Turkish support system.