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  • Hi Hera, I have 8,800 luxury donations goods in my inventory. How do I use it? there is no option on how to use it so i thought i'd ask. thanks :)

    • Draxo do you have the answer to this query?

    • still waiting for a right answer.lol

    • Antikythera do you have the answer to this query?

  • hi, I have a question, can a player from a server that it’s going to disappear change multiple times of server until it finds the one that it likes or does he only get one chance to choose a server. Thanks in advance

    • One chance. So be certain while picking a server.

  • Hello beautiful Hera!

    Is S48 merged? If merging, why not keep S48 but keep S43-S47.

    Thank you very much!

  • Why wont you stop the multis pga are running?????????

    • Try opening a ticket or using the ingame reporting function for such suspected activities.

    • I have many times. They just admitted they are heavily involved in GF so guess I was right all along. I wonder how many are go's on all the servers? This explains why tickets and report functions are a waste of time.

      Legally it's called fraud.

      Anyways i just reported a dozen illegals useing the report function.I wont overwhelm you folks with the other 30 or so yet.

  • Hi mate this post also is disabled?

    | WAR | Senior High Sch(-SHS-) vs The Best(RS-BA)

  • Hi Hera,

    Who decides when new Ikariam worlds(servers) are opened? Are there any servers scheduled to be opened?

  • Hi, maybe You know something about new EN server opening date? We have over 100 players in discord already waiting to join new EN server and everyone is asking for a date (which We can only guess :D ).

    • Usually New servers will be announced on the forum...

    • Thanks for reply :)

    • Maybe you could give a link?

    • Usually they are announced here: General Info

  • sorry for the wrong label on Can´t send units

    I thought it was supposed to mean language of the conversation. And btw, it should be sk - slovakia, sl is slovenia. But it doesnt matter probably cause nobody is gonna help me anyway...

    • I have updated the label...and looks like Draxo is offering some help - just needs more info...

  • Hi Hera..sorry to message you direct but can't find a place to post anywhere.

    Is the e-mail we are receiving about soon only logging in with e-mail & not user names....a real notice from GF or a scam, as I can't find any note on the boards about it.


  • I know it isn't your fault but the new servers are placing everyone in at the corner's of the map.

  • man won dis time can you fix it hihihiihi