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  • hello bro

    u just banned me

    im SuperPower in beta

    come on bro i will not make anymore accounts other than this just remove the ban i do whatever plz


  • Evening Sampisa,

    How do I go about creating a Ticket? I have an issue in game and am trying to see if there is a way to fix it?

    I have not had to fill out a ticket in years and have forgotten how to access it.

  • Started a conservation, similar situation as Jack.

    • As you know, your case is currently under review, and until now you always received an answer in less than 12 hours. So probably situation is not... similar: In 4 days you had 16 question/answer aka 4 per day, so I think that you are currently well followed in your case.
      Kind regards

    • That is not the similarity I was talking about, and you know it. I'm done here.

    • No, I don't see any relationship, sorry.

  • I sent a message in support

    And don't answer me for 2+ days

    • Your case is currently under review, and you normally should expect an answer in 48 hours (that are not passed yet).
      Indeed, please, next time contact me directly, not on my wall, since for respect of users and privacy reasons, we do not publicly discuss about personal cases.

      Kind regards