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    The brilliant part about freighter is that, while their speed is low, you can scale their capacity much, much better compared to regular trade ships. That makes their capacity to transport goods way more powerful compared to regular ships.

    I have a capacity of 140 freighters, which gives me a working capacity of 7 million resources.

    With Poseidon and Triton boosts, I can pretty much guarantee an arrival time of 3 days or less, no matter how far away my cities are (and trust me, mine are literally scattered over the whole world map).

    With 430 regular ships, it would would take me 32.5 transports in a time span of 3 days, which would be impossible to execute in my situation. Not only because I need to sleep and work, but also because it takes a minimum of 3 hours to move resources from one city to another (maxing at eight per day at best).

    Of course, some disclaimer: I'm at the phase where I need to move 55 million resources for a governor residency, so I just send and forget about it until it arrives. With regular trade ships that would take me 255 movements. With freighters, slightly less than eight full journeys.

    This entry of the change log of version 10.0.0 stood out to me.

    Bug fixes:

    • Barbarians tried to steal the Town Wall when attacking.

    What is this about? Is it just "lost in translation", or was there a much more interesting bug that we weren't aware about?

    Just a honest question. :)

    You can get them without ambrosia by attacking the barbarian towns (starting level 10 or up). They drop based on a certain % of luck. The higher the level of the barbarian village is, the higher the chance becomes you can get a piece.

    You can find the explanation of this ingame at help > barbarians > barbarian fleet. :)

    In version 8.8.0 (released 6th of September 2022), Gameforge raised the maximum levels for the buildings. Since then it is possible to have 21 cities. In theory, at least, because we do not know of anyone who has come close to reaching that milestone (and that is totally intentional).

    If you have a balanced fleet, then mortars is all you need. That is because they cause the most damage.

    They are vulnerable for damage themselves, but that is not a problem as they are supposed to be protected by other ships on the field.

    A good basic line-up would be (about five rounds):

    100 steam boats

    120 ram ships

    42 mortar ships

    38 rocket ships

    20 balloons

    30 speed paddles

    30 tenders

    We can get more advanced with other line-ups and how much to build to create a bigger fleet, but you can't go wrong with a set-up like this one.

    The only reason why you would want to use a ballista/catapult ship is when you are in early stages of research and you don't have access to the full fleet yet. But in that case you would most likely more focus on land units than on fleet anyway.

    A secondary argument is that when you are fighting extremely big battles with a lot of players, it can become confusing how much ammunition you still got left. In that case some players would send in extra catapult ships to make sure the long distance shooting field doesn't become empty when the mortars run out. That way, they know when to send in new boats without suffering too many extra losses. (but this tactic screams more 'poor coordination' than anything else really)

    Some players have cities with a single resource. They could all be marble. However, these players cannot benefit from Olympian gods other than marble. With the modification to be made in the future version, it would be nice if the donated god, for example Hephaestus, provides the marble city with a certain amount of sulfur

    I partly disagree. Bonus events do not always boost all resources equally. That could be a temporary incentive to boost another god instead.

    For instance, I play with wine for all my cities, but whenever there is an event that only benefits wood (not wine), I switch over to Pan to get the extra boost for a couple of days, then I switch back.

    But it is an expensive strategy as I let my Pan's grace die in between because it doesn't happen often. :P


    Seems like Starman beat me to it. 👀

    If his suggestions are not working, could you please include screenshots so we can help you troubleshoot/confirm whether this is a bug?

    What if you do want to combine both though?

    I'm not, because my cities are miles apart, but I can imagine someone sending an overnight shipment including trade ships.

    They could send it in two times, but that would be added inconvenience.

    Including trade ships with freighters could also be a strategy to keep your goods safe for a longer time, as they are really slow on the seas.

    Those pointing out that you can't do god protection mode playstyle with the gods: correct. However, with the free Ikariam Plus period you got in the beginning there was an option to raise town hall to level six.

    Yes, but you cannot keep Godly Protection without continued usage of Plus, and you cannot down-level a Town Hall.

    False. I know enough players who made the upgrade to level six in god mode with ikariam plus and came out to tell the story.

    See correction Draxo below.