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    Is there a battle going on, or was there a battle actively very recently? (there is a cooldown of about 12 seconds when a battle ends, in which the units may not be available).

    Can you confirm if the situation still perpetuates today?

    I agree partly, but I have different thoughts on some points:

    • Crystal is not useless after research, because you can use it for palace, governors, sea archives, dump and academies. It takes a pretty long time before you max all these things out, and research takes a very long time. For reference: it took me 16 months doing nothing but research (all scientists, bonuses and converting everything to crystal with ambrosia) with a daily production of 1,3 million resources a day to get there.
    • You have to consider how much you can get out of the scientists versus the experiments. You can only have 368 scientists per town, while a crystal town could produce much more crystal in comparison. In order to be somewhat proficient with only researchers, you will need an academy in multiple cities, taking away valuable spots you could use for something more strategic. On the other hand, getting the maximum out of experiments would require a crystal reducing building in your town, taking not one, but two valuable spots for that city.
      If you do the math, you may discover that using scientists may be slower in practice.
    • In terms of production though, experiments are cheaper (gold per point ratio) than scientists, but they are more expensive than building directly (provided you have all the bonuses). This is because you get 14 percent points discount for the buildings, but not for the experiments. Or in other terms: best case, you can get 1 point per 54 materials while building, but only 1 point per 68 materials for experiments.
      That's why using only scientists instead of helping hands may be the most efficient way to get points, but it is not the most optimal because it is much slower. So you'll have to make your own calls here.

    In practice, I recommend people to use experiments because it is cheaper compared to scientists and more efficient (faster). If you feel up to it, you can always add extra scientists if you have the gold to spare. :)

    Really depends on what your objectives are.

    It's quite easy to calculate.

    For future of economy / seafaring / military: future level x 532 800

    For future of science: future level x 610 560

    As for the effects:

    • The scientists add 2% bonus research per future research. I think this is calculated on the base (amount of scientists).
      So say you have 2000 scientists, you will get 40 research point per hour extra per future level. Whether you think this is worth it or not, depends on how many scientists you are using. Some people prefer using only experiments.
      I personally used scientists when I wanted to max out my research. People who say scientists are more expensive that experiments: that is true. But it is still cheaper than helping hands, which I was maxing out on for maximum points. On a normal account, I would say: don't focus on science futures too much, unless you want to max everything out. Maximum everything out (all 25 future of all 4 areas) costs 717 million research points, so it takes a while
    • Military and seafaring are quite worth it in my opinion. The effects get stronger over time because it is not 2%, but two percent points. Without futures you have 100 - (8 + 4 + 2) = 86% effective costs.
      With futures maxed out, you have 100 - (8 + 4 + 2) - (2 x 25) = 36% effective costs, which is a huge deal. When you max out on research, you can basically station your troops and boots at the same price as someone with level 7 in their own cities.
    • Economy is less worth it. It adds 10 citizen and 20 spots per level. This can be lucrative with 12 cities, but it also creates a unbalance for temples. I am unable to upgrade my cities to level 40 because it is literally game technically impossible to keep my city full (apart from firing units, but that is only temporary).

    So you'll have to make your own calls here. Hope this helped. :)

    It could make quite a difference with similar strength, but it has two advantages:

    • There is an element of surprise
    • The real crew strength stays a secret. If you won, you don't know if you did because either good luck, or being effectively stronger.

    GF do not support the mobile app , or mobile browser , since al lot of year ..

    It sees to me since 2008 ...

    This is an official info you can find samwhere in the forum....

    V 0.3.0 was released in 2011 if I recall correctly. So the mobile app must be dating back from 2012. :)

    Edit: 2009 apparently, with the app dating back to later than 2012 actually.

    Seems like we need a fun little game to keep things engaging.

    Let's write a story together. You can decide what the story will be about, by expanding the storyline by adding a maximum of eight words per post.

    If you feel like the story is complete at one point, don't feel shy to finish it with a twist and then start a new one.

    The story can be whatever you want to be, but keep it respectful. Obviously, the board rules apply here as well. :)

    I'll start:


    Zoe noticed something went missing in the vineyards.

    Hi Jonky

    As a person who occasionally plays on their phone, I feel you.

    This has always been the case since v 0.3.0. Gameforge stopped active development for Ikariam, so I'm afraid this won't change anytime soon either. The position of the company is that you are encouraged to use the mobile application.

    Note that you currently posted this topic under loca[lisation] feedback (this is where people normally report translation mistakes).
    The English discussions section (Discussions and Feedback) would have been a better place.

    I won't move it myself (unless you ask me), because as explained earlier, it is not likely Gameforge would change this anytime soon. Gameforge is prioritizing development of other games.