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  • I have already report to support system, but I cannot receive any results for my concern.

    About this link:

    • I am not TM for Ikariam TW, I cannot assist you. However you have been informed several times about the proper procedure, and the coma himself has responded to you. The ticket system is the way you can raise your concern, spamming various teamlers wall will not be effective.

  • Good evening Miss

    would like to ask about the upcoming offer what it is and when its coming and does the same offer apply to all servers around the world

    been waiting for a post about it for couple of days now

    thank you

    • Same offers all over the world yes.

    • when is the next one coming tho and ty

    • If nothing is announced, then nothing is known.

    • kk ty

  • Hi. Are TeMa's also getting salary (monetary) from GF?

    • TeMas? What is that? Team Managers? If so, no. We are volunteers.

  • hello. do you have some idea how to get my account beck?

  • mobil uygulamadaki sıkıntı nezaman giderilecek Mobilden 1 aydır giriş yapamıyoruz

    • English or either Norwegian, Danish or Swedish please

    • Code
      1. Mobil uygulamadaki sorun ne zaman çözülecek. Mobil cihazdan 1 ay boyunca giriş yapamıyoruz
  • can you tell me when is the next cash back plz

    its real urgent and important

    TNX anyway

    • It will be announced when there is one. We cannot give information before we get it ourselves

    • ok thanks!!

      but can you tell me in person here......

  • cineva care imi spune cum sa fac un ticket la GO va rog?

    un coleg de alianta va lua ban pt ca a uitat sa imi trimita resurse inapoi la un schimb si au trecut deja cele 48 de ore acordate pt returnarea bunurilor la schimb

    va multumesc anticipat pt ajutor

    • does anyone know how to open ticket to GO please?

      an ally colleague is boing to be banned cuz he forgot to return resources for a trade and the 48 hours allowance have passed already

      thanks in advance

    • He needs to contact the support of his own community. I would also just suggest to ship the resources now.

  • I need some assistance with the new login system please.

    • Open a ticket to your community, or open a thread in the forum asking about it.

  • hello , lets get to know each other , trust me you wont regret it ! :D

  • when will you be coma?

  • hey i'm the first in your wall!!!