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  • thank you for the answer

    we have already contacted germany in this email

    w have not received any response.

    and about Mr.Paso the responsible Community Manager, we already talk with him and sent him the evidence
    but the injustice persists and the things getting worst.

    we thing that Mr. Paso protect the corrupted admis/SGOs/Gos. in IKARIAM AE ARES 03

    that why we need number of some responsable from Germany to talk with him directly .

    • Today is public holiday in germany so it could take some days till you will get an answer.

      I can't say anything about that, I don't know the situation and it is not my buisness.

      But I'm glad I could help you with the contact information.

    • thank you
      our purpose is to bring back fun to the game .

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