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  • I'm not putting this into the main thread, which will get too many pointless comments as it is, but I will reply here to your last comment. Again, I agree with the social aspect. Probably more than every other player in the game, as I met my wife through Ikariam! 8+ years of marriage later, we are going strong and I thus have some loyalty to GF for that. But couldn't you migrate en masse to another server to keep the social element going? How did you handle the move last Christmas, or were you all on a target server? When I had to move (again), I lost some contacts - but surely that's life? And some alliances certainly moved en masse.

    I've been looking at the timescales for building construction. L80 Dump takes over 22 years from L79. And we can build 3 of them per town, eh? Elon will have reached Mars before then. Seriously though, if one can't build >1 building at a time per island, how inactive will accounts become? Is this some elaborate non-April Fool's joke that I'm unaware of in cultural German tradition? There probably needs to be more parameter tinkering than I originally thought. Otherwise this becomes a war game with building, rather than its original intention of a building game with war.

    Have fun, regardless.


  • The vmode cooldown idea would just apply to black market sales at its simplest level

    i.e Instant vmode still possible but no sales for 7 days kinda thing after exiting vmode

  • We want the ability to build 13th & 14th towns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the new sig!

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