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  • FWIW, I reported MI6 on Rho too a few days ago. "It" sent me a message as Diplomat, which obviously I didn't circulate, and also to me as #1 in Total Points (and others too, I'm sure). But I have no idea what happened after that, sorry.

    • cool please start a thread

      mine got closed

    • Yeah, sorry, it's a waste of time. I so rarely come onto the boards to comment and every time I do, I get unhelpful/sarcastic replies. I've reported bugs years ago and nothing was done. Iotsak, whom I trusted, seems to have gone, and that's about the only GO that got things done. So in this case I just trust that people smart enough to try Ikariam aren't suckers. Yeah, alright, currently living in USA I'm an optimist about that!

      Best of luck with your crusade against Black Market abuses. Since 0.5.3 (Piracy) I lost all interest about all aspects of the game other than point gathering. But I've over 61 million so far, without ever buying Ambrosia, doing piracy raids, having boat buddies, multiple accounts or any other artificial aid, so it can be done. And I met my wife here, so I owe Ikariam much!

      Happy gaming.