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    Subject says it all, really. I had my towns all worshiping Pan for the increased BM and decided to try Plutus' Blessing from the daily rewards for some extra gold. I got zero benefit.

    I then switched one town to Plutus and still got nothing. I then activated Plutus with 100 favour and got the below:

    Notice that the 'Resources from blessing' entry is zero.

    I've just wasted 600 favour.

    Something you can do - I hope - is to suggest that when there's a special offer there be a member of staff on duty to handle any issues. This happened on a Sunday and my ticket wasn't looked at until Monday, by which time the offer had expired.

    Le sigh.

    I visited my bank this afternoon to sort this out. Your support team says that the transactions were blocked by the bank; the bank says the transactions were blocked by Gameforge.

    I want to spend my money with you; please get it sorted.

    I'm still having this issue and have raised a ticket. And now I have two IDs on your ticketing system - it's so long since I raised a ticket that I'd forgotten I had an account so created a new one when my normal lobby credentials did not work.

    Yes, I think that people are missing that the bonus is based off base production, not cumulative production, so the bonus isn't as large as it might first appear.

    Take someone producing 1000 BM resources per hour. Add in 60% for the Forester for 600, 20% for Ambrosia for 200, and 20% for the Cinetheatre for another 200 and you're up to 2000 per hour. The max 85% for the Shrine is 850, not 1700. You get a total of 2850 per hour, not 3700.

    The big thing for me is that it's one building for all your colonies.

    Those pointing out that you can't do god protection mode playstyle with the gods: correct. However, with the free Ikariam Plus period you got in the beginning there was an option to raise town hall to level six.

    Yes, but you cannot keep Godly Protection without continued usage of Plus, and you cannot down-level a Town Hall.

    Yes! For only the second time in 15 years of playing I have overloaded my cargo ships on a raid. Normally I'm a couple light, but this time I'm one over! Check the bottom right corner!

    I'm getting a 3010 error when I try to buy Ambrosia on both my credit and debit card. 3010 is apparently an AVS mismatch: 'Rejected due to AVS matrices - reversed' and means that the addresses don't match. Except I'm not putting in an address and have made other purchases today. Is anyone else having problems?

    I guess I'll have to wait for your next special offer.

    Why should it? It's not a package which can be activated in the inventory,

    The Fleeces appear in the inventory when not used and last a limited time. When activated the bonuses from the Cinetheatre appear in the Effects list for their 12 hours. And no, it would not be confusing to have many as long as the mouse-over explains - or overlay a mini-icon of the resource. There are 13 slots in the Effects list, let us make use of them. And, for what it's worth, I did activate mine from the Inventory: it took me to the Shrine and I had to pick a god.

    Yep, me (well, a 2nd account on a different server.

    Now the thing is out, can I reiterate the issue of requiring a Level 5 Town Hall? Since it relies purely on favour it should be available to those under Godly Protection.

    The fleece options in the Shrine's Overview tab need serious improvement. I've already reported as a bug that a fleece does not show as active in your Inventory. But in the Shrine, please change the fleece icons to buttons. It is far from obvious that you have to click on them. For even better effect you could also put numbers with the buttons.

    useless monuments such as Hermes changed to be actually worth investing, so people that get onto those islands don't get gimped

    Actually, now that we can be transporting millions of goods Hermes is useful in high level cities.