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    Yes, once the units of first account are fully away, you can attack it with another account. In other words - if the system allows it, it's allowed.

    Correct, and the games very good at warning you if ip share is involved.

    But, you can send ships to free a port by player A with one account and attack that players other town with another account that you have ip shared.

    If your defending your town.

    One account can defend and another can attack and thats the only way.

    It's a lot of work fighting with shared accounts, especially against illegal multis which are dominating most servers right now.

    I wonder if anybody complains this much about anything in real life.....

    Played this since it came out. Got a lot of time invested. Maybe go back to farmville if this is too complex for you.

    If I hated the state of the game as much as you seem to, I would try FarmVille. Even if I had been playing this game for 10+ years, I'd choose happiness.

    These 166 members are my happiness. They respected me and stood by me after many years of wars.

    They are my family.

    Sorry you have such a sad life.

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    I wonder if anybody complains this much about anything in real life.....

    Played this since it came out. Got a lot of time invested. Maybe go back to farmville if this is too complex for you.

    As x leader of Desperados and then LAW alliance with over 166 members I have fought wars from all over western Canada including a laptop in the arctic useing sattelite.

    I have had members commit suicide on christmas eve, others die after an operation or just vanish but they are family and my family as mine is gone.

    So forgive me if I care about their wellbeing.

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    warned for derailing of discussion

    Is there actually a go or mod that is willing to do something for the honest players and not just the cheats? Do you have a boss we can chat with because we are getting nowhere with go,s,mods or tickets. - right in the footer are listed all available contacts. Not enough? Sorry, you'll have to live with what you have.

    Also just a reminder: this topic has nothing to do with your texts about multi accounts or whatever you are trying to add to all the possible topics.

    Like I said, every topic including the multi ones have been shut down by you and posters banned and warned. No offence but who's side are you on?

    My missing town? You said do a ticket and i did and got "were working on it" so a month later did another and got a warning for filling out another ticket as well as the thread closed.

    You close every single thread about inactives, cheating, multi accounters, the sieging of beta and then come back to paying customers like me and insult us and do everything in your power to censor us.

    So once again...who's side are you on anyways?

    I hope all the GF reps dont represent the game as bad as you or kiko.

    The terms and conditions are also by the contacts and yet you say you will not enforce them.

    That's why this game would lose a class action in the blink of an eye and some folks have spent thousands of real dollars and a decade of their life playing only to see it all ripped away by the lack of anything done by you,the go's or the mods..

    Pretty sad actually. I hope they hit your server after they wipe beta.

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    warned for derailing of discussion

    Totally agree,instead of trying to fix very serious issues that threaten to kill this game they warn you, ban you and then close the thread and they have been doing this for 2 years and yes we ALL are waiting and I speak for all the honest players in beta who have been sieged for 2 months straight by illegal multis run by the PGA alliance.

    Is there actually a go or mod that is willing to do something for the honest players and not just the cheats? Do you have a boss we can chat with because we are getting nowhere with go,s,mods or tickets.

    Seriously this game would lose a class action so fast it would kill gameforges livelihood and reputation as well as the game.

    Maybe that's what it will take,lawyers would make a ton off a class action from GF.

    EDIT- if you look around beta server you will find all kinds of pga multis banned for being illegal or getting caught when the vpn was down. This is not their first rodeo or the first server they have killed which is why they have merges in the first place.

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    warned for derailing of discussion

    When there will be any news, they will be posted. Until that - the only thing we can do is wait.

    The gameforge mantra especially when filing a ticket.

    Still waiting for a go to tell me where my town it took a year to build has gone.

    How long do we have to wait?

    A lot of us have been on ikariam since it started and that's over ten years and some have spent thousands of dollars over that time so I think you have to do better then "all we can do is wait".

    The botched "merger" onto Beta has literally turned into an illegal multi cheater fest with pga alliance working half million gen scores and driving anyone in their way out of the game.

    That is their intention as GF banned some of their members who are now back with other accounts.

    Sure would be nice to get some honest answers before this game is more unplayable then it is now.

    And if anyone doesnt think im serious about beta....4 of my towns have been locked down for 2 months and 40 of my members towns have been locked down for 2 months as well as everyone else on the islands pga ambroed to. Hard to fight guys with 800,000 gen scores.

    The innocent bystanders on these islands have also been locked down 2 months or longer.

    A deliberate attempt to make people leave the game.

    Do Beta a favor Draxo and put try get a game operator to look into this. We cant wait any longer.

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    This has nothing to do with the thread topic - Warned

    Any particular examples?

    You need to keep in mind also that the system of removing has a defined amount of accounts which can be moved to graveyard server. And on active servers quite often the number of new inactive accounts becomes larger than can be moved per day.

    Accounts ghosted from 5 years ago remain while players that only went inactive 2 weeks ago are now gone.

    Working as intended?

    I think not.

    Lots of 14 year veterans on beta only went inactive 2 weeks ago and are now gone yet players who left 8 years ago are still there.

    poi pensa quando uniranno insieme tutti i server ares ...

    no places for anyone ...

    Come to beta! We have a huge server war going on there.

    Admission fee to survive is a gen score of minimum 200,000.

    You bought a account that has gold and now you come here and say honest player? Lol

    That's quite an accusation. I've corresponded with 'The Crow' off and on for years. Pretty much ever since Iota moved to Beta.

    Unlike pga my other accounts are registered under ip share and trying to get someone to do something about the cheating is impossible.

    So like 95% of my alliance members im v. modeing and probably wont be back.

    Hard to believe a small handfull of people can run dozens upon dozens of illegal multis and run a constant 500,000 to 1 million general scores non stop and the game operators dont even blink.

    This is the main reason most of beta server is v.mode. I try report it and i get banned.

    So folks do not even think of moving to beta server as it's so broken now that it will never recover.

    With most of LAW now in v.mode they will continue to farm anyone and everyone because like I said many times before. PGA only wants to see this game pay for banning a few of their multis that got caught cheating.

    The name their towns in chinese which is illegal or something more racist like KKK and the go's dont even blink when they get reported.

    With the GO's saying they wont enforce the no VPN rules in the terms and conditions this game is unplayable now.

    I tried for months but i dont have others to run my accounts while i sleep like pga does.

    I dont have 30 illegal multis to flood islands after driving the honest players out like they do.

    Totally broken,Dont waste your time or money on this game folks.

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    Warned - Please stay on topic

    what you are saying is old news, the game is broken for years now.....

    I know, been getting banned for years for reporting what was to come and it has come.

    Time to fight. I may open a war cr thread when i get days off.

    Show what its like to fight a hundred illegal multis run by accounts that never sleep.

    Thankfully our general Deliverance is one of the best tactical fighters on the server.

    He has a lot of support from the server because he is well respected and frankly pga have been trying for 3 years now to beat LAW and have lost and most times it's 10 guys against Del who can run a half dozen sea battles and 10 land battles at once.

    But enough talk, it's every man for himself on beta.

    LAW will win again,

    It's kinda like a war with the honest players against the cheaters and the cheaters allways lose.

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    Please stay on topic

    not one player we are fighting has under 300,000 gens which can rise to a million in the blink of an aye and has many times in the years we have been fighting them.

    I guess people who use illegal multis will always trumpet how bad the honest players are for not breaking the rules,I know that legally most of these scores are impossible unless your cheating.

    2 of my accounts are in the top ten.

    Check the offence scores on beta,you will find our general in #1 spot and 3 more including me in the top ten scores. Not bad for an alliance of 55 guys against an alliance of 200 not to mention their other allies which totals over 450.

    We fight guys with a million gen scores 24/7.

    If I get around to starting a topic in the war section for cr's you may be quite shocked to see some of the largest battles in ikariam bar none.

    Dont think I'm the crybaby here.

    A few thousand have gone but there are thousands more yet to go.

    Are you talking about the pga illegal multis? heh heh!

    PGA cant make accounts fast enough to fill all the spots but they are trying.

    I got spots on all my islands open now but I would not recommend planting there.

    We have a bit of an infestation problem at the moment.

    I gave up, tickets are answered as to the devs are looking into it.

    I got offered 200 euros for my main account from PGA as they are buying accounts left and right.

    Beta is in a free fall right now, everyone v.mode or now inactive.

    Thanks for the merge gameforge.

    The games totally unplayable now with hundreds of illegal multi accounts.

    so right now inactives are disappearing non stop on beta but you best be fast as pga alliance is filling the spots with illegal mobes as fast as they can create new accounts.

    One guy bragged he had over 25 accounts.

    So this is what I am seeing the last 2 days. New inactives which are plenty on beta are being deleted/ghosted yet all the old ghost accounts are still there.

    Beta server after being over run by a group of multi accounters now has a huge evacuation rate on the server and i lose 2 cultural treaties a day the last 3 days.

    The old accounts are still all there. The spots that are open are very quickly scooped up by multi's and some guys have dozens of them.

    Judging by the people v.modeing because the games unplayable now on beta there will be more spots open if your fast.

    I've just seen a couple of Inactive purged on Beta but these are players who have recently become inactive rather than players who had been de-ghosted.

    Yup, had a few go today from our alliance that went inactive about 2 months ago, came back 2 weeks ago in v.mode and are now gone.

    Spots were taken instantly by enemy mobes. lol!

    Like Draxo have you ever even seen beta server? it's a mess of dozens of illegal multis trying to kill it and their doing a good job because the go's are not.

    Pretty sad after 14 years of playing this to see this amount of cheating bring a whole server down.

    The inactives are the least of your problem's.

    Any idea when they will merge beta to a new server?

    I give it a month and it's toast.