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  • If you want a "laugh", check the #2 player in Donations. Inactive, account 2 weeks old, 79 Total Points, donations over 25 MILLION. That's almost 4 times the amount I've donated in nearly 12 years, and I'm donating over 10% of my Total score. I wonder which islands were pumped?

  • FWIW, I've just merged from Rho (EN) to Beta. Relax, it's my only account, though I IP share with my wife, who has been on Beta for a good 12 years or so. Anyway, obviously I agree with all you've said, but the trivial reason I'm writing this to you is to say that there is a GO on an island I've landed on. Try 41:45. It's a daft island to choose, IMHO, as it has high-level forest/vines and so deprives a genuine account of a place to aim for.

    I hope you can derive some fun from the game still.

    • I dont see a go there. Oh I'm fine after playing for 14 years and as leader of an alliance that once had 166 people. I will protect my meager 52 members now though even though we are outnumberd 10 to 1 because we dont cheat. I take that back,i do see a GO there. hes on the wrong island,he should be on 40:80 or any island around there. one guy running 30 plus accounts. it's kind of strange to watch they know they can cheat at will.

    • Yeah, I've read your forum posts over the years. I post very rarely, as a) noone answers my queries or b) is insulting.

      As soon as Black Market was introduced, I knew the game was a waste of time in the fighting portion, what little remained after piracy, another **** idea, came into effect. So I reduced my troops to a minimum defensive nuisance value, and just kept my inventory stocked if I ever felt like retaliating. I've not got that much more I can build anyway, especially as I don't buy Ambrosia and am wholly honest. But as I met my wife through the game, I owe it that much to stay :)

    • right on!

  • Hello friend, good game ;)