Support system guide

  • Dear players,

    here is a short guide about how to use our Ticket system account, and how to open a ticket.

    First, you should visit our support system page:

    After you opened the link, you should see the index page:


    If you have an existing account, fill your email and password at the right part of the screen. If you need to register, click at small blue "register" near "login" button.

    After you clicked on the register button, you should see the following page:


    Please click at "register" button and fill your information. Please try to use the same email address as you used for board and game accounts in order to prove your account ownership, and allow us to assist you. Without a corresponding email address, we will not be able to talk about your account information.


    After you filled all boxes with your credentials, please click on "Register" button.


    Now you will have to confirm your email. The system will send you an email with an activation link for your new account. Please open your mail provider and click on "Activate account".


    After you clicked on "Activate account", you should be redirected to the index page of our support system with some additional buttons.


    With "Manage email addresses" you can add or remove emails connected with your support account.

    If you click on "Ticket history" you will be able to see all tickets connected with your email.

    If you click on "Contact support" you will be able to select from the drop-down menu from which part of the team you need help. Is it "Board team", "Game team" or "payment".


    And now, the last step before you send a ticket. You will be asked to fill your username, server you play (in case you send a ticket for the game), and some additional information.

    After you filled everything as detailed as you could, click on Submit.


    After you opened a ticket, click on the grey "ticket history" button and you should be able to see your first ticket.


    If you click on the title of your ticket, in my case Banned account inquiry, you should see full ticket information.


    If you have something to add, use the "Send reply" button.

    If you are not satisfied with GO/MOD judgment, you can ask for their supervisors by clicking on the "complain" button.

    If you think that your issue is solved in the meantime, you can use "close".

    Greetings ^^

    Since we have seen many users asking how to add a second email address to their support system's account, I've created this tutorial.

    Hope it helps.

    1- The first step is going to the support system and logging in. The URL as you may already know is


    2- After logging in, click on the "Manage email addresses" option.


    3- Next, click on the "Add email address" option.


    4- Then you'll see a text box where you can enter your new email address that you want to add to your account.


    5- As the text says your new email address has been added now but it's not activated yet. You need to log in to your email in order to activate it.


    6- You have received an email from GameForge. You have to click on the link inside that email.


    7- And now your new email address is successfully activated.


    Orginally posted by Moller