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    Mate, you will have to open a ticket to open a ticket...

    Very important lesson from my army days - the dung from a cow that identifies as "male" baffles brains

    The original form has better alliteration, but I have to keep up with the times


    There are a few players in our alliance living in North America who have Ukrainian parent/s. One can even remember German bombers over Copenhagen.

    These things have slipped into the conversation on circs the past few days...

    Does anyone else share some discomfort that GF should announce so draconian a censorship ban on even mentioning the current situation between two big countries in Eastern Europe?

    Toilet paper is in short supply in the Baltic States as well.

    And while we're at it GF are still to properly address all kinds of nefarious multi account activities, VPN abuse, multiple sitters to maintain accounts in battle for far longer than possible by single individual players like myself. But have taken the time to condemn any use of certain words even if used in a non insulting way. Shameful guys.


    No chance whatsoever of access - I'll keep my eye on it but after a wave attack by air or sea I'm normally under some pressure so these things can go unnoticed

    Thanks for looking into this

    I'm sure others have reported amongst eachother in alliance oddities in BM behaviour

    Desperado wrote - thanx! now it's seems that all ships returned back to my port immediately

    > On the 20.02.2022 20:05 Desperado wrote:
    > > i' ve tried to log in but my account does not exist anymore.. I found a thread,i think that this is another one bug..
    > > My ships return after attacked the barbarian fleet

    > > On the 20.02.2022 19:59 Deliverance wrote:
    > > > lol I think we should complain
    > > > may I post this in GF board forum please?

    > > > On the 20.02.2022 19:52 Desperado wrote:
    > > > > ok, that is really too long
    > > > > 15Y 11M
    > > > > (en route)
    > > > > 3:14:07 0%
    > > > > 175 Ships

    OK it's not my fevered imagination

    After a series of carrier raids on my town I found a bunch of random troops on sale in my Black Market. I can't remember now what price they were set at as I took them down asap.

    Either this is just another bug or some weird exploit

    It has happened in the past and enemy have bought stuff from under my nose - I thought it was just me going mad and placing things at random prices into the Black Market then forgetting I'd done so.

    Nope - I am still sane. Anyone had similar?


    Very true but a generous compensatory gesture when the merge dust has settled would ward off those legal beagle hounds :-)

    and as an effect of slow movement and trade I may have to vmode for a while as I cannot keep Black Markets free of attack for long enough to make coin sales

    me vmode = no ambro used - and I'm sure this applies to others

    yes but I was compelled to use triton to make up for compression and then in the blur I carried on using whatever I could to get troops and ships into battle and trade - it took some time to figure out what was broken and it wasn't universal at first - some people were affected some not - confusing times

    to add to it because travel times now so lengthened I have been forced to use more mercenary shippers - some ambro back for that would be appreciated too

    I see Badidol has recently posted on news about hopeful fix for Tuesday - interesting

    but yeah I think any intelligent ambro user would agree that some adjustment would be fair in light of these events - not to mention contractually GF are not now delivering product as advertised etc I am not a lawyer but they love stuff like this

    Will ambro be reimbursed for all those over the past three weeks affected by cargo compression failure, then poseidon meltdown and also ambro triton boost inoperable?

    Local arch bishops and rocket scientists agree that all these issues are related


    I don't think I am alone in this and hard to put my finger on it but I'm having all sorts of odd behaviors with the "feel" of gameplay. game behaving strangely - commands given are not carried out consistently. battles end without reason. Clearing my caches of course but slightly bizzare - I'll try and get more concrete screenshots of weird.

    Also the random intermittent trade buy speed bug had almost ceased to occur. Yesterday it happened to me once and to several others including enemy who managed to sneak in and grab weapons from Black Markets. Is this a real bug again or has it been hacked to induce it? That should show in the logs.