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  • There has to be a rule on bullying because a 300K player beating up and taking all my goods as a 50K can't be right or even considered fair. I've left this game many times for this same issue. You wont do anything about it but if I call him a "D*ck" for doing it you ban me. What part of this is even fair? You have your rules twisted up. I'm about ready to leave again because you guys allow everything but what is right.

  • Hej sinns där någon svensk moderator behöver HJÄLP med mitt konto har spelat sedan 2010-04-08 på Delta swe

    allians DAL Jag anger inte mitt konto skulle behöva hjälp att hitta en svensk moderator som kan hjälpa mig med mitt konto

    m.v.h Thomas/sundveda63

  • boas, va amigo faça mais eventos de verao, minas a produzir mais barcos mais rapido, essas coisas por favor vamos por isto a arder

  • Salude irmão de língua portuguesa