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    You have to pay attention to solve this problem and not fade away and Ikariam lost forever and there is no solution but the integration of worlds because the worlds seemed to be preferred, for example, a world where only twenty players remain and the rest of the worlds management is tired itself and worked a new forum Vttab a little and return to play the luster of the previous twelve years ago This is the view that the solution of integrating the worlds is always floating on the surface

    In the latter we want a solution

    I am assuming you're talking abut server merges. We currently aren't able to merge servers.

    As soon as we are we will perform merges. Until then we can only wait, sorry.

    Would you consider opening an international and just a little bit spicy sub-forum to discuss politics?

    This thread just made me think that it would be an awesome idea, I am sure that it will be very exciting for all of us:)

    There are forums on the internet for that purpose already :)

    This is a forum for the online game Ikariam. Our rules explicitly forbid discussing politics and quite frankly, I don't think it's a good idea opening them up for that. Ikariam is published in over 30 languages and some of those people don't have the best of histories with each other. As you could see here in this thread already it's a fine line between "friendly banter" and racist slurs and quite frankly I don't think we need to provide a platform for that.

    So, sorry, while I understand your point I am not very inclined to implement that.


    With all due respect, it did not look like you had things under control.

    And at the end of the product community manager of Ikariam and since we have one big forum for all now I am kind of responsible for the whole of Ikariam.

    I am fully aware that FastFooD and Snape are doing an excellent job and are capable of handling this themselves, don't worry. But: I was made aware of the thread, I was here, I read it, I reacted. No harm done.

    And if everyone listens to what Snape wrote above I believe everything will be just fine :)

    Good morning everyone,

    isn't the real world scary and hostile enough already? Do we really need such hostilities in a game's forum?

    I appreciate that Ikariam is, by many players, seen as a pure war game and therefore folks tend to be rather hostile and in a fighting mood which is all good and fine until someone steps over that red line. This red line was overstepped several times in this thread and I would like everyone in here to be aware of the fact that we will not tolerate that endlessly. Snape already tried to remind all of you to keep it within reason and I can see that only some of you have taken his words to their heart.

    A word to the wise man: dial it down now. Refrain from insults and racist slurs and also keep the politics out of this game forum. Please stick to our Code of Conduct (which you can find here: Code of Conduct), otherwise we'll make sure you'll get sufficiently long breaks to think about your conduct here in great detail.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Also badidol why I need to write in my forum section when in Bulgarian ikariam the GO are too bad. I was playing 1 year in Bulgarian server and I cheat. In Bulgarian server there is no ban. If you want to pillage your multi or take army or gold. I play from the phone with the main computer account and I have no problems. For one year nobody banned me. If I play in English and I will be banned. I was too OP player and Bulgarian forum is inactive because there is no upgrades or events.

    Should I just take that as an admission of guilt and ban all your player accounts?

    To be honest, I find your position rather weird and as a player I'd be straight up pissed at you right now.

    Especially in Bulgaria it seems to be hard to find folks who want to be voluntaries, so yeah, the team in BG is probably very understaffed. Abusing that in the way you described is actually downright rude and a move I could only describe with words I'd better not use. So yeah, enjoy your being "too OP" when all you actually really seem to be (at least judging from your explanation) is a lousy cheater.

    I don't see any reason to discuss this any further now. All questions have been answered and I've read enough from especially you, Kozeto.

    Thread closed.

    And also, for the love of god, please try to write in a way so that folks can actually understand you. Luky, Kozeto, pls stick to your languages because your English makes it very hard to understand you in the first place. I have to read all those posts three to four times just to still not know what it is you're trying to say most of the times. We have language sections for pretty much all the languages Ikariam is published in with teamlers that understand said languages. The best feedback isn't worth anything if I can't understand it. It's far more reasonable to provide feedback in your own language that can then be translated and reported by the respective teamlers. Thanks.

    just to be proactive.

    We live in the era of mobility.

    An online game that can be played only from a PC and not from a mobile phone or tablet, I don't think it will please, interest, or attract many players. right now the ikariam app is out of date (and it never will be) and if you try to use the internet browser from the cell or tablet to play, you'll find it a bit unmanageable.

    Wouldn't it be better to adjust the program to work directly from the browser on the phone or tablet?

    I've commented on the "app and mobile" thing a few hundred times already. Please read that.

    somtimes try to smile...


    in any case .... an isolated and no-like stomt can contain a revolutionary idea.

    if it is unique and not voted, this does not necessarily mean that it is stupid or useless

    You do get how feedback tools work, right?

    Likes = noticability.

    We currently have 4961 stomts of which over 2000 are duplicates (still being merged) and over 700 are spam or profanity.

    Then there are awesomely useful stomts such as "is so bad!". Ok...nice, but how the hell is that supposed to be helpful?

    So, at the end of the day: yeah, it might be that some of those may be useful. As soon as we managed to sift through all the obvious nonsense we might even get to them.

    For the rest please read what I wrote about our current dev capacities being assigned to Ikariam projects.

    As so often with your....statements, I have no idea what you're trying to say. Maybe try some constructivity for a change.


    In fact it come up with interesting suggestions in the meantime. :/

    I haven't seen anything much apart from "merges!", "new buildings/units/ships!" and "quit piracy!" that would have received an amount of likes or comments worth mentioning.

    As I said, the majority of the biggies has been addressed.

    Since we currently simply have no dev resources that would be assigned to fixing merges we simply can't merge yet. If we can't get resources assigned to that task then it's safe to assume we won't get any assigned to any additional features. As sorry as I am to say so, but that's the current state.

    have you had more suggestions or ideas or new and particularly more interesting judgments than the previous system of suggestions ??

    There are no other topics apart from merges and "remove piracy", even on stomt. Those are the two big topics, the rest is either spam (yes, happens there, too) or only mentioned once or twice with little to no likes on the platform, so negligible.

    There were the occasional "new ship" or "new building" suggestions, which were also reacted to. And the new building slot was actually one of the things most asked on stomt.

    So everybody writes in vain?

    Depends on your definition of that.

    Obviously if 456 people ask "will there be rain tomorrow?" I am not going to answer each and every one of them one by one, but the question itself gets answered. All the questions/stomts for one topic get merged into one. All get the same answer.

    Hello badidol

    You used to write official reactions sometimes in STOMT. You probably can't catch up because it's overcrowded right now. But everyone is curious. Do you plan to publish an article (such as a letter) as a collective answer to them?

    Stomts can be (and are) merged together if they are about the same topic. This did actually happen. I never wrote a reaction to every single stomt, I merged stomts of the same topic together. Also I never wrote a reaction to every little sub-topic. The biggies were tackled and reacted to. Unfortunately that reaction is not a pleasant, positive one, I am aware of that. For example, the answer to "MERGE NOW!!!!!!!!" on stomt is, unfortunately, the same as here: doesn't work.

    well now if I ask you something related to the game, for example, will there be a new update to the game soon. Will you ask him and tell me his answer or it is against your policy because I look at many suggestions that users give but no response from them.

    I can already tell you without asking: no, there won't.

    There are some things being done which I can't talk about just yet and which don't actually change anything in the game as such.

    As for suggestions not getting any feedback: the only feedback I could give you right now is that we have no dev resources available at the moment thus making it more than unlikely for any of those suggestions to be implemented in the near future.

    Then why do not we communicate directly with him, but all the information has to go through you.

    Because that's how things go. Product Managers don't communicate with communities directly, that's what they have Community Managers for.

    Because you are wondering about more than 90% of our questions or our requests for answers.

    This makes no sense whatsoever. What is it you're trying to say?

    Why does not he respond directly to us

    Again, this is simply not how it works. Product Managers don't communicate with users, that's what they have Community Managers for.

    This server merger will not happen because there are too many active players to make sense of server integration or to say I do not like this idea.

    Again, this does not make the least bit of sense. What are you trying to say?

    As for server merges, as stated a few dozen times by now, they simply don't work at the moment. We simply CAN'T merge at the moment. If we could, we would. But we can't. At the moment our dev resources are bound otherwise. Once the other projects are finished I hope the Product Manager will consider spending some of those dev resources on fixing the merge scripts.

    Than what is your role here why you are here we can make forum without you badidol

    Pretty sure you can't actually make an official forum without any official :)

    That being said, obviously you have a weird idea about what a Community Manager can do and what they can't do.

    Community Managers don't decide what's being done, that's the task of the Product Manager. Community Managers gather and summarise feedback and report that to the Product Manager. The Product Manager then makes their decision.

    The idea behind that is that if I can't prevent new servers from happening they should at least be special.

    Unfortunately I can't stop new servers from being opened and I also can't make more development resources magically appear out of thin air so it is also not within my power to make merges happen before new servers. So since the global feedback to new servers understandably usually was quite bad it had in fact gotten better once we started to at least make those servers different, special. That newest one for example leans slightly towards active raiders/fighters in terms of army and fleet building being made a tad bit quicker. There were also special servers favoring builders and traders.

    All in all I don't have many tweaks at my disposal to make new servers more bearable, the ones I have I am trying to use :)