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  • yeah , that's why I asked. Because if I want to send a PM, I don't want someone else to see it.

    • What happens if you start a new conversation (click the speech bubbles top right of screen, then the + to start a new thread). I have 4 conversations listed, not you though. Can you see any of those in my details? Probably those are private...

    • My conversations listed are with Morphias, Deliverance, Alexandra and Quartz. Can you find any of those on my details?

    • Try the bell (top right of page). There is a settings; privacy option. Mine shows registered users can see my wall. There might be an option to make it private? Anyway, I think/guess that a new "conversation" would be private, if you can't find any of my 4 old ones in my profile/details/wall/anywhere.

    • Yes I found it in the setting "Privacy" and that's enough.

      Many thanks.

  • Ah, OK. I admit it did not bother me when I sent a message to Draxo, so I had not thought about that. Hmm... I'll have to see if there is another method.