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    still cant figured out which way to go on this

    1st, you need to figure out that Ikariam is a long term game, it starts with easy resources/time building then going up gradually until one day you reach a building needs 20 days to be ready, if you are not patient enough, you will suffer everyday. As we all want you to enjoy the game in a way it should be, just calm down , take a long breathe then gather your thoughts and set a plan.

    Before setting a plan , complete all reduction buildings to level 50, during this you will know what you need besides, we will share you ideas , but keep in mind that everyone has his own game style according to his personality what likes / what dislikes, for now let's start standard which is finishing all reducers to level 50 in all towns then we will go to next step.

    It works now

    I'm ready to start my upgrade however it does not show reduced time. Does it only show once the building has been started?

    just fyi, the reduced time lasts for today only ,if the building time is more than 24h then it will adjust to normal.

    Please check it tomorrow after reset

    Checked, nothing has been changed.

    Interesting. I guess we'll have to wait and see for 51.

    The old wiki did have breakpoints for every 5 levels so it makes sense it'd carry over.

    There is nothing to unlock after L46, since it's enough for full helping hand in a max island with extra citizens about 300 or so for Priests or scientists, no point to reach L51 unless I have 20 cities, because the required resources for L47-L51 is 160m, so better to upgrade GR's.

    Could someone explain why there is 50 capacity different than " Help " section?

    Basic population: 6387

    Capital bonus: 250

    Future Economy L25: 500

    Total Population should be 7137.

    Have I missed anything?

    I was planning to upgrade TH46 in 2 months but for some reason I did a small change in the plan, so I took advantage to know what's going on here.

    I just finished TH46 but nothing has been changed. The pattern stopped at L40 and I think next group should be L41-50.

    Maybe a building that increases the value of donations to the saw mill and the luxury resource (to see: how it is increase)

    Good suggestion considering some players have maxed out their islands. Will they get compensated?

    I'd suggest to think about an alternative and more meaningful solution for additional resources,

    Since GF encourages players to be online in daily basis, how about a monthly timer count down (like Piracy) for pillaging system ? the more pillage , the less loading time, OR the more pillage, the more capacity percentage in cargo ships increasement.

    To be more precise, I have 12 wine towns (58/60) and 1 sulfur (60/60). The information given are applied to all except sulfur which excludes Hephaestus’ Blessing bonus, that’s all.

    Now, the worker numbers in your calculation are incorrect.

    Here are some screen shots from in game numbers that might help you recalculate it correctly if interested:

    Fyi, wiki information is not updated, see my post #3 Here.

    But since gameforge already added the shrines i think another resourse boost rather than remake the current sawmill/forrest and luxuary and increase the levels isn't to be seen in the comming year/years.

    I don't think so because the resources requirement for the high GR's is still illogical.

    From my exp, although GF came up with 21 towns at once (ver 8.0.0), they won't give all increasement facilities at once as well, they will bring something similar to Shrine in the upcoming years.

    That's funny. Helios tower gives 10% of basic production, and it requires a large amount of ambrosia in the begin and then ongoing oil every week. Though there are still players who are using it as a boost. Then we have Premium boosters with 20% bonuses - again, many players are using them. And then we got shrine which gives 82% of basic prod, yet some people call it 'minimal'.

    Just to be fair with GF, that's what I get per hour from :

    Premium bonus: 7644

    Tower : 6339

    Gods (85%) : 32490

    Total : 46473

    I could build a GR L13 in 13 days only.