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  • Hello,

    Can you please read my conversation? Thank you

  • No consigo entrar en mis cuentas después de la fusión, ¿Alguien me puede ayudar?

  • Our alliance leader, Steveovia has been completely uninvolved in the game for over two years! We are not able to get any response from him through the game or via our email attempts. We are without a leader.

    I (EisenFaust) am the General and Home Secretary. Another player, DogEnds is the Diplomat.

    We want to have the Leadership reassigned to another player (Undertaker) who has volunteered (and been accepted by the members).

    We are The Titans, TTS on world MY.

    What would it take for this to be done?

    One of our players told us that sometime back on a different server the leader of NWO passed away from Covid leaving the alliance without a leader. GF was contacted and informed of the situation and they transferred leadership to another member of the alliance so it wouldn't have to disband.

    Can that be done for us?

    • Correction: NOT the world MY, but the world Rho.

  • hello my friend, i want to tell for a double account in world kaikias in greek world. the user wargod and the user agamemnon-0220 are the same!! can you check it i already make report for that. thank you very much about your time.

  • Merhaba benim phi dünyasında adalarımdaki kaynakların yapılabilir düştü ne gibi işlem yapabilirim yada nereye bildiri yapabilirim bilginiz var mı

    frm bölümüına pek girmedim bölümüne bilmiyorum

  • Hello,

    One of my alliance mate went with me on a mission to attack 2 cities of another player. Thanks to my espionage, we know that only one of his 2 cities have a lot of loots, so each of us will attack one city and divide the loot, the lucky one who hit the jackpot keeps 75% and the other takes 25%. I wonder if that is considered pushing thus violating the game rules. Thank you very much.

  • I'm playing in US "Ny server' and I have 400k points and I tried to transfer my account to UK "Poseidon server" and I need 1500 Ambrosia to do that and I have 2800 but when I set the town package community and server then click on OK they say "Access denied" please help me !! I did all the requirement that make able to transfer my account but still same problem I'm trying since yesterday :(

  • visto che forse sei on .... dov'è il tasto STOMT ???

    • dentro il laghetto alla tua sinistra