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    Trying to figure out where to move account Pi or Zephyros. Those two seem to have the "most" players on them per the "Inspection button".

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    OTIBA got me while I was sleeping!!


    OTIBA has made aggressive attacks against the BURNT alliance since its sudden creation as an alliance in the Poseidon Server.

    BURNT has no choice but to react in kind to this level of aggression.

    War starts immediately.

    War will last until one or more of the following conditions are met:

    1. OTIBA admits defeat and ceases all hostilities against BURNT

    2. OTIBA requests a Cease Fire and stops all hostilities against BURNT

    3. The POTUS shakes hands with a space alien on international live television.

    4. First alliance to reach 32 Trillion damage points.

    Combat reports can be posted to this thread, if anyone is so inclined to do so.

    This is a "reckoning"; so BURNT will be pillaging resources. Any Pillaged resources WILL NOT count in overall damage scores.

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    Leader of BURNT

    This war is approved by The Chuck!

    Caught me sleeping again. :(

    For some viewing pleasure

    YES, these two Combat Reports are from before the DOW was posted... AND they WILL NOT be counted in the overall total, but... BURNT don't care right now.... We're just angry.