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  • _THE LEGION_ from Zephyros : Hello. I bought AMBROZIES to move the city. + I still bought a premium account for 10 days. BUT NO POSSIBILITY TO MOVE THE CITY. WHY?

  • لدي الايميل واسمي باللعبه والتحالف

    ولكن نسيت الباسورد حقت اللعبه كيفيه استرجاعه وشكرا

    • مرحبًا ، يمكنك محاولة إعادة تعيين كلمة مرور حساب GF الخاص بك عن طريق إدخال عنوان البريد الإلكتروني على هذا الرابط:

  • السلام عليكم انا فقدت الباسورد حق حسابي بعالم الفا

    كيفيه طلب اعادته

  • hola amigo

    como puedo invitar a compañeros de otros sever a jugar en acheron?

    echame una mano

    • Hola los enlaces de invitación no están disponibles actualmente, los amigos pueden crear una cuenta en ikariam y elegir el servidor en el que quieren empezar a jugar.

      Perdón por el idioma, el texto está traducido en un traductor.

      Saludos cordiales,

      Crosser - Polish game operator

    • gracias

      todo perfecto

  • Ikariam GO,

    I have been having browser problems and accidentally created a second set of accounts on 2 servers. I play on Rho and Beta on servers 2 and 17 of English servers. I play as Pillroller on s17 and AUpillroller on s2. I tried to delete the new accounts. I didn't want to open the second set of share ip addresses as some players do. Please don't think I was trying to double account. There was no fleet contact or goods sharing. The new accounts I tried to delete say they will be gone on 2 April 2021. I am letting you know to avoid a possible ban.


    • Good call, im also curious

      Lets see what mr Crosser says

    • I take care of Polish servers, but I think you don't have to worry and calmly wait for the removal of accounts.You can always connect an additional account on the server using the "IP Sharing" function.

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