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  • gostaria de saber porque tenho a população furiosa, não tenho corrupção, não tenho falta de vinho. Estou a perder habitantes sem saber porquê.

    • Without further details on this I do not think I can give you a clear advice, but I can give you some pointers to look for;

      1. You may not have a lack of wine, but if you have had that the consumption of wine in the Tavern might have been reset. If so you need to go in there and actually once again set how much wine your city shall consume.

      2. While reshuffling cultural goods you might have accidentally left some goods outside the museums, so go check that as well. Have at least happened to me before...

      I hope these two pointers can provide some help to you, but in case it is not enough, please get back to me with more information and I can probably get a clearer picture of the issue and then hopefully be of better help.

  • Merhaba benim phi dünyasında adalarımdaki kaynakların yapılabilir düştü ne gibi işlem yapabilirim yada nereye bildiri yapabilirim bilginiz var mı

    frm bölümüına pek girmedim bölümüne bilmiyorum

    • I realised I had neglected to check here for whatever reason, sorry for that.

      I do not know enough Turkish to understand your message, and Google Translate did not really enlighten the issue for me.
      If you still have an issue with whatever it is you contacted me about here, could you please try and formulate it again, preferably in english, and I will try to respond accordingly!

  • Hi, there's a player on US Alpha who put inappropriate town names in game. However, I don't know where the cities are now, but I do have a screenshot of him slowboating me from these inappropriate town names. How do I register a complaint?

    • I realised I had neglected to check here for whatever reason, sorry for that.

      I do not know if you still have this issue or it is resolved, but for your benefit or to anyone else who might read this you can report a layer by clicking on the yellow triangle with a exclamation mark by the player name, if you click on the city in question OR the same triangle

  • First!!!

    • Would I be considered last replying this late 😉