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  • In this game IKARIAM!!

    I support all Ideas / Suggestions (100% without an exception), that gives us a chance to get a:

    - Bigger army (Anything that boosts gold production, more population and lowers troops upkeep)

    - Upgrades to get a stronger army (Attack, Health, Deffence, Accuracy, Ammo Capacity ect.)

    - Better City defenses land / sea (Walls, fight tower, traps etc.)

    - More fearsome looking army / Evil looking (Cosmetic changes).

    - More unit types land and sea. If land = Horsemen (Light infantry better than swordsmen) - Ballista (Siege unit) - Rocketlaunchers (Siege unit) - Fight dogs (Light infantry better than swordsmen but weaker than horsemen) - More Swordmen types (Like Assassin's Creed) - Stronger & Advances Steam Giants (Looks like tanks maybe) - Signal Towers (Support unit) that boosts defence by allerting enemy tactics (Bonus effect (Defence & Health) of 1% to all friendly army for each tower sent into battle) - Eagle holders (Support unit) that sends eagles to attack the enemy lines. By throwing stones, bee hive and maybe explosive shells from the top to cause a negative bonus effect (Minus power effect to all enemy army by 1% for each eagle sent to battle) - More advanced air units - Assasins / Ninja to kill enemy doctors and cooks. etc.)

    - A hero to Increase army strength that is sent into battle. Increasing attack, deffence, Health, Ammo Capacity, Accuracy and the effect of support units).

    - More upgrades to the army in the workshop (Up to level 10), to upgrade not just attack and defence but: Health, Ammo Capacity and Accuracy!

    - Higher Fleet speed if its warships and tradeships and higher transport storage if its tradeships.

    - Adding buildings to aid in war and minimizing losses like: Hospital, sea wall (like town wall), statues to give more moral to units and a health bonus etc.

    - Units gets more moral in fights, if the player is online.

    ----- And thats it!!!

  • Hello i have a question!

    What happens if i go on Vmode and i have godly protection. Will i loose it or still continuing have it?

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