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    My body: I need water!

    Me: You want iced coffee?

  • I don't trust people who don't need coffee to function.

  • Do you have discord? I need help about sea battle

    • Do you play in Zeph?

      it looks like you asked this same question from a couple of other players...

    • I need answer, i just try fiend some online people. But if u cant help me its okay

  • I am starting to believe that Ikariam is Santa, and clearly I was good this year. :-) Thank you for the updates.

  • Coffee is a delicious way to let your body know that you don't give a sh*t that it's tired.

  • Ikariam just dropped an update and now I can officially play this game till I'm 90, thanks to Lv 85 Warehouse and 21 cities.

    • You are right we will be old when we have everything ready, and the levels of things will rise more XD

  • How serious of a coffee drinker are you?

    Tell us your ritual for preparing coffee.

    Show me yours, I'll show you mine.

    • I am a serious coffee addict, but not the fancy stuff. I mean I drink a lot of coffee in part because I need it to get out of bed in the morning (some of my mornings start at 4 am) and if I have classes in the evening at 9 pm I need a "little" more to help me pay attention. Most days I drink about 8-10 proper cup sizes of coffee.

      I drink it with milk, no sugar. That's it. Sometimes I do add an energy drink like a Monster to the mix to keep it interesting and depending on what I need to do. I have also had coffee with an expresso shot (fancy I know ;-) )but honestly, I did not feel any more alert than from just regular coffee.

      My morning starts when I emerge from my bed looking like a zombie and I stagger to my percolator, turn it on and wait for the thinking juice to get brewed. I will cut back on my mass coffee consumption when I finish school and hopefully no longer need to be awake and fully functioning doing 4 am to 10:30 pm days.

      Your turn

    • At an unspecified time, but in all actuality far earlier than most people would consider civilized... The alarm goes off and the lights go on automatically... Body thrashes on the bed and unpleasant noises are made.

      The pot is set for the water to boil.

      The beans are put in the grinder (coarse)

      Pull out the french press.

      after water is boiling and beans are ground, pour both into press and stir with a wooden spoon... Go do the normal things to be able to go in public without people whispering behind your back or calling law enforcement.

      Grab large coffee cup, about 20oz, add 3 tbsp coconut sugar and .5 inch or about 1cm of coffee and stir til dissolved. Add coffee til about 3/4" or about 1.5cm from rim and stir. Add half and half. Stir again. Drink. add sugar and repeat rest of process again.

    • "Body thrashes on the bed and unpleasant noises are made" XD

      Looks like you have a serious preparation technique, with precision and skill... and a ruler.

      In this, we are opposites, as I just add milk to mine until the "right" colour is reached, in other words, there is no measuring involved. It is more of a feeling and a "that looks ok". However, it is clear we both love coffee and therefore your addition of sugar is forgiven.

    • No ruler, I eyeball it. I allow for ~10% deviation.

      If it's close enough for avionics navigation equipment in aircraft, it will serve for my coffee.

      Are you familiar with how stimulants work? They make you burn your blood sugar faster.

      If you don't have fuel in the tank, it does no good to step on the gas.

      Also, it's a good idea to take some vitamin C a few hours after drinking coffee. It's one of the things your body processes faster (and runs out of sooner) with caffeine.

    • The science behind the most effective way to wake up... I can get behind that.

      I added 1 teaspoon of sugar to my 3rd cup of morning coffee and will judge the results.

      Vitamin C will be ingested later in the morning.

      Have to ask, how did you learn about this? Also, it is a neat skill to be able to eyeball measurements with such precision.

  • Drink coffee, and do stupid things faster with more energy.

  • Nothing messes up your Friday more than realizing it's Wednesday.

    • It's good that today is Friday! :-)

  • We in Serbia have been cooking beans for so long!

    Please check if your stove works at all?!?

  • Perkatory (noun)

    The anguished, prolonged period spent waiting for a fresh pot of coffee to be ready.

    • OMG, Rowan!!! What are you talking about? Waiting for you! Greeting, Artur!

  • Hello! :-)

    • Welcome to my wall XD

    • It is my pleasure to be on your wall! :))*

    • LOL best reply ever!

    • I know! :-)

      Thanks! :))

    • lol and humble too!

  • Do not meddle with dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

  • 9 out of the 10 voices in my head agree, I need more coffee! The tenth one went back to bed.

  • Where is my coffee?