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  • hola lisipe un jugador con 5 cuentas atacandome es motivo de baneo suspencion

    • Please make a ticket for your own community, if it is .us make the ticket in English.

      We will not answer account related things on the forum or discord.

      You can use this link and follow the instructions mentioned there

  • I have some problem with 2 players on Panagia world...they using multi accounts and i reported that and nothing happend, now they sending supplys to me just to attack few min later...this is game abuse and i dont know how many times i need to report this to someone see, i wrote other administrators on wall but nothing happend...Can you do something or forward me to someone who can chek this?

    • Please make a ticket, i have no acces on Panagia. You have to make a support ticket at support for

  • I moved 1 game from the dionsos server, I couldn't carry my games on other servers, what should I do?

  • is the server working? because i am not able to chance servers because of server error

  • Goedenavond Lysippe.

    Wil jij de accounts van Ton ( spelersnaam Aspa ) weer in vmode zetten aub?

    Ik zou mezelf eventueel melden als deze verlopen was. Deze accounts zouden in vmode blijven staan ivm overlijden van.



  • hi how to remove the town this he creepy crawlies are up to no good all over the streets. The people barely dare leave their homes.