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    Ne znam sto trosite tastaturu i spustate se na nivo ove dvojice trecerazrednih igraca koji su posle 2 nedelje proterani od strane Bugara u vecni MO. Sad nesto kao igraju na ovim multijima sto bi nama trebali da smetaju, a prave vise koristi nego stete kao farme... Cilj im bio da obaraju meni i Gavri cuda, a mi obojica nemamo hladjenje na istim i dalje. Znaci cak ni za to nisu sposobni.... Cuti, farmaj, a oni nek igraju agoru i forum, ni prvi ni poslednji takvi...;)

    Maybe the game should use something other than national flags to indicate each language. :(

    I don't know that the Spanish speakers in the western hemisphere appreciate having to use Spain for their flag, either.

    They can turn off flag and play without it. :)

    Both sent to V-mod:D

    Few days ago some Bulgarian player said to me that they do not care about lost generals because they are pillaging resurces and they make new generals esier than we do. If we do not post pillages it does not mean that we do not pillage. We just do not want to spam with solo pillages and bunch of reports with 90-100k resurces... But I will leave these big ones here...

    Haha what a joke. GJ, you can occupied few empty cities. I do not know how we will recover from it.:D:D

    Noobs, trying to do something on poor strenght and numbers because knowladge is 0. But thing is that you can not do anything. If you thought that you will shut down us with blocking and occuping you will not and I think it is becoming clear to you so you came here to cry. Just cointinue to lose your time, gold and army for attacking empty cities and than when we come to fight lose dobule generals than we do. We fine with that. :) Enyoj if you think you are winning.:) We do not care about few blocks. We are here to fight and destroy your armies and we do that which could be seen from attack and defence points same as from reports in this thread. Whole ETA server againist one alliance and we kicking your asses anyway:D:DImagine how it will be if we play 1 vs 1:/Go cry to someone else to help you. There are not enough of you.;)

    Whenever choko moko send some attack on us we are laughing how bad he is. So many battles and he still did not learn even basics. :D:DAnd now he is even writing how he conquered someone.:D

    RS I BA serveri su spojeni na BG

    Postojao je period od 2-3 nedelje kad je svaki igrac mogao da izbere na koji ce server da prebaci nalog.

    Ko god nije izabrao prebacen je nasumicno i to je to, nema popravnog.

    Jedini nacin za ponovno prebacivanje jeste uz pomoc ambrozije. U prodavnici mozete pronaci opciju.

    Sadly last one was finished after their player had run to V-mod:D