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    Some little battles for start :)

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> LacRang (PVN) 23/114 - pillaged 5841

    No Name (ATH) <---- -Arrow- (RS-BA) 94/21

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> Thienv ( / ) 112/142

    -Arrow-, Vace (RS-BA) ----> Thienv ( / ) 95/270

    Jax ( / ) <---- Dome, -Arrow- (RS-BA) 90/37

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> Skam (BSQ) pillaged 9839

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> akay ( / ) pillaged 8946

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> akay ( / ) pillaged 5265

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> kapten ( / ) pillaged 9764

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> ista_Hun ( / ) pillaged 13132

    -Arrow- (RS-BA) ----> Gost_Hun ( / ) pillaged 25815

    Iz svega napisanog ja zakljucujem samo da tvoj saveznik nije pravilno rotirao i da je izgubio na cisto znanje i neznanje. ;)

    Ne vidim kakve veze lose rotiranje ima sa ambrozijom ili multijima.

    Najlkse bi bilo da se sve posalje na gomili i da igrac sa vise vojske pobedi. Ali prava car ratovanja na ikariamu i jesu upravo rotacije i ko ih zna bolje...;)

    Open, open and open new servers and thats how old servers acctually dieing...

    I hope that we will not get new ares, hope we will not get any new servers...

    Come and play the ones we already have:)

    For start come and play Poseidon, the most active server on ikariam...

    Yea it is slower but it will be fun:)

    Nice, server will be interesting. It is great. :)

    Just hope it will continue that way, and new players also will come when they see how active we are on Poseidon.

    There was one big battle.

    Really??? You guys should put battles on forum so everyone can see it ;)

    does anyone know how i can invite friends to the same island as i am settled ? I tried: "options" - the invite friends button to the left, but that does not give a link.

    You can not do it anymore :(

    If you do not understand that we will not get official internatinal server soon, or probably we will get it never than it is useless to continue with this project. ;)

    Anyway when that group make decision let us know, will we make internatoinal server from new EN or not.

    Should I call people who would play or not. :)