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    Difference with passive tasks you call impossible is that they are not really imapossible. They are possible to all players but your choice to have 10 marbels makes it impossible for you. You diceded that you do not need sulphar and that sacrifice is worth it. Now live with it. You can not be in same position as someone who make towns on all resurces. Also you have option to move town, make new one or finish task with ambrosia. With workshop you do not really have choice.;)

    The only thing i would change would be automatic or semi automatic collection for passive tasks. Since passive tasks by definition don't encourage active gameplay. Maybe there should be a button you click to automatically collect passive tasks if they are more than 50% (80%) complete, so you don't have to be online just before completion. (for example: if daily tasks start at 8:00 and end at 8:00 the next day and you collect enough resources by 6:30, you have just 90 minutes to collect that reward. I think that allowing you to collect the reward at 5:00 would be fine, assuming that you will actually achieve it by 8:00. You would still need to be pretty active and not login just once in a day, but it wouldn't be as punishing for players who have different work / life schedule).

    What do you think about my suggestion, does it make sense and would it even be possible to implement?


    Actually you already have such option but you need to spend few ambro;)