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    It is not big deal but it is still damage which after 10 such reports becomes easy 0:2400;)

    I mean, it is under spoilers, if you do not like it just continue to next ones you do. If it is not important to you I do not see why do you lose time writing about it:S

    Thanks for congratulations:thumbup:

    Arrow, ти сериозно ли качваш доклади в които са убити 10 парни тарана или 10 запалки и 10 обикновени тарана, оставени за блок на пристанището? Това е смешно бе брат!! Всеки, който разбира от битки, като види такъв доклад ще умре от смях. Неписано правило в играта е да не се качват доклади с по-малко от 1000 точки/ генерали/ разлика. Или отново продължаваш с манипулациите-"имам щета 100% срещу противника" До какво ниско ниво падна играта.

    Когато пиша, че сте фермери се обиждате и ми се сърдите. Именно с такива доклади доказвате, че сте фермери, които искат да се представят за биткаджии, манипулирайки неразбиращите играта други фермери

    From what I see you are putting some small reports too and talking about it as it is some online battle where you were better player. So I am putting simular things here. It is really not important for me what damage it is as long your damage is bigger than my. As you can see there are bigger reports too. You can talk about them, if you do not like small ones.:thumbup:

    Like i said it happens to everyone. I just wanted to make you aware of bug. This part of forum is for that. Isnt it? It is not really problem for me and my account. :)

    With new script come new bugs.

    Traveling when you want to buy army or put new town is always 3 minutes whatever distance is. This is happening to all players.

    Whole ETA came for us and we are killing them wherever we show up even if we do not have general banks like them.

    Yea we do not use ikalogs because it is unoffical and it is aginist rules, considering it depends on scripts.

    Rules says that all scripts are not allowed.

    On our communty forum always was for posting battles and we are continuing like that.

    Dmg difference is small??? Ok just take all this reports we posted and count how much more generals we killed than lose.

    Or you can take a look at ofensive and defensive points you also will see who is making best difference.

    Also we mostly do not put small battles like your example of 30 steam rams here. Mostly it is bigger battles. Sometime someone put some smaller, but there are lot of small battles we do not post.

    About 5 ballons, subs etc. Yea lot of guys do not know it. We see it from first day. Some of you know but for us it is basic. There are lot of more things which we still do not show because there is no need. We winning most battles in damage without any problems. As I have already written here you guys win one of 15-20 online battles in damage.

    Чудото на Чочо[-ND-] 'Колос' е активирано. (15.12.2021 13:14:23)

    Have you ever attacked an active player in your life?

    Tell me, aren't you at least a little bit ashamed to post battle reports against random inactive ppl with not even 1/4 your highscore in a forum called HALL OF FAME?

    Nah, he always attack inactive players. Once he attacked active and he did not play 3 months. He would come from V-mod every 2 days on five minutes. See attack on himself and run back to V-mod.

    Just attack him and you will see.:D

    In centar put multies on all good miracles, than come to forum and say how we went at the end of map.

    Where we should put 1000 cities on athena and demetara??

    We are not warriors, but we attacked all of your alliances...

    We are not warriors?



    And please look at reports.

    You are bunch of noobs who know only to buy bunch of generals from banks and send in one wave. Nothing else...

    You win one of 30 battles in damage.:D:D