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    Hi. I want to see if this is legal or if it is possible for me to be banned

    I have Two Accounts with IP sharing. If i am in the battle and I give troops to my friend with my other account and he joined the battle. This is legal or not?

    Honest player? Lol


    You only know how to pretend to be oppressed

    Also im not from PGA so dont cry here.

    [mod='Kikoguns']Warned for mentioning severe exploits in game[/mod]

    Hi. Plz add this. I want to use English language in the game but i want to have my country Flag too.

    If you separate language and Flags it will be So good

    Hope you underestand my means

    You folks obviously never fought against illegal multi 15 million gen banks for a week. This looks like battles I had when this game started and I had 2 members and 400 slingers.

    Obviously you dont have the illegal multi problem like we do on beta.

    Crow plz dont cry here too . Thanks :)

    You said it would be allowed

    Multi-account Changes

    • With regard to multi-accounts, the following additional rules apply to transfers:
      • If you already have an account on your preferred server, it cannot be used. You must set the already existing account on the target server to ‘Delete’ before you can move. After the move, the old account will be blocked and deleted.