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    Happy hunters ;).


    Oh, the hypocrisy.

    PH gets taunted into a larger battle.

    PH gives larger battle.

    PH gets taunted about "running".

    Everyone sees the "strategic withdrawals" :rolleyes:.

    Will junjun's possey bring more guns to a knife fight again? Stay tuned for the next episode of WHY EVERYONE HATES PH.


    Nice "small" battle. 6988 units destroyed :*.


    I don't recall seeing or reading if new Town bonuses are being extended too.

    I'm not going to assume Gameforge has.



    Pardon my confusion, but did they lower your building levels? Or did they just not show higher levels in the help screen?

    When the "bug" was "fixed", the buildings were reduced to the capped levels.

    I was opposed to the DUMP. Before warehouses got limited to 4, I planted 2 of my 3 floaters to build up with 6 warehouses. That made those levels possible.

    I received cryptic and accusatory notice message from staff...

    I was, atypically, reimbursed with full capacity of each resource in both towns. Obviously, if the compensation had been clearer, I'd paid to double capacity :saint:.

    The curse was, I was being bullied, when the "fix" occurred making me look like a cheating farm :cursing:. I spent quite a bit of time in vmode...

    My situation is unique.

    Game says "Big Fix". I view this update as bugging the game by Gameforge.

    The only good is I still have 1 town with 5 warehouses.

    Probably be falsely accused of cheating again, and again and again :(...


    There's already a way to get around the ship issue,

    I hope Ikariam doesn't increase the ship count.

    Want to elaborate?

    Actually, there are 2 LEGAL ways to do it. So, no. Some players are smarter than others. I try not to let too many leach off of my brain... BadManS and I would be fools to elaborate.

    And we all survived and I don't recall such whining about it.

    I cried when my over built buildings were reduced in 0.7.0

    Bug fix – Removed building levels from the help screens which cannot be built because not enough resources can be stored in a town (e.g. level 41+ Town Hall).

    :rolleyes:It was called a Bug fix. Therefore BUGS are intentionally reintroduced :cursing:.

    If you want, you could base tradeships off of palace level.

    This is the most sensible thing I have seen mentioned.

    Currently 1 max port takes about 5 minutes to load 232 ships. Therefore 5m X 320k/m = 1.6M single transport of goods seems most logical.

    To deaf ears I have cried, there isn't enough time to clear an inactive account of resources as it is. 1.6M will seem too little sooner than most think.

    In anticipation of a bust like the Lobby was, looting inactive accounts will be my priority once again.


    (speaking for myself)

    Oh ,wannabe queen junjun playing stupid again.

    I was never on Alpha until the first merge. Anyone who knows the game mechanics for City ID's knows you're lying again.


    f you knew anything about the history of WRL

    I mentioned nothing about WRL. Therefore Peer can't be me X3 proofs.

    What is absurd is YOUR machinations I'd "poach" a Player tainted by you. OTOH, anyone YOU boot is fair game:thumbup:. There'd be more vetting than was done on your spy DEMENTOR or alleged Lake's accounts :S.


    So you busted me for kind heartedness :thumbup: .

    My Generosity Busted Again X2!

    My sources indicate to me June as Storm Chaser is having WLS eat itself. June booted Peer by making false accusation that account is me.

    Krasher was in the area when Peer ghosted. Since I used PayPal to send Krasher $$$ for ambrosia, I can get the previous Alliance verified. Also, another beneficiary top fighter in WLS can verify the ending portion of my e-mail is correct ;).

    Krasher is a good loyal fighter. I'd be tickled me elmo to have them both in VNS by my side!!!


    Also, if you are only allowed to say positive things it is kind of pointless to have a topic.

    Makes me wonder how many dislikes there would be if that button were displayed.

    The community wanted the IP Shares to continue in the merger discussion thread. Discussions aren't a one way street.

    Annoying fact is all the current max building levels could be built without ambrosia double storage feature. There aren't positive words to describe the offense.

    Every 4 Town Hall levels = 1 Action Point from the beginning. 66/4=16.5. Obvious break from normal.

    No wall increases?

    15+ years to complete the game as is is a long time in today's world of instant gratification and people with attention spans of a goldfish. The update makes sense after human consciousness merges with machine. Seriously, how many centuries will it take to complete and is there really a market for it?


    You're owed that comment although nothing heroic about the action.

    ohhhh sorry, i was not around that time thou :D .

    True ---> 2nd proxy war by Lost. Since you were being used, VK saw PH as friends. 3.5 distracting hours of explaining didn't get him to understand reality.

    1st was before that when you gents were AB fighting VNS.

    --- PP didn't make military to swat a fly. Great fodder for Newstar whenever caught resting from a run. But, mostly a bench warmer. Definitely negligible waving.


    Nobody asked you. I got that from the account moments later.

    :field operative agent #5184:


    Pretty moot point...

    Time will only tell the truth not the suspicions I keep hearing about Vendon's hypocrisy. Vendon gets strangely upset trying to take in what he keeps dishing out. The server has been duped by one of your associates in the past. It took years for truth to be realized. I'm blocked messaging your main. If it weren't for the merger you'd probably still be fooling me.

    Also Vendon obviously exploiting the graveyard return process and threatened to resume STALKING efforts upon return.


    Legal ways to do. Vietnam use US Dollar + my CC. Hoagvan too good a fighter to watch him languish with crap wonders. I am not going to be goaded into posting financials like I did medical 2+ years ago.

    So you busted me for kind heartedness :thumbup:.

    Seeing how you changed, I'm glad I don't have to mansplain to another man for 8+ hours at a time as often...

    Stay quite here if u have anything agains me Come in game and i show you the place just like i did to hendrik .

    Yeah, former KAPZ players commented about the change.

    Your June's problem now. :/what that break up will look like :love:.



    • pasted-from-clipboard.png

    What the hell are you talking about stop lying others my account is legal and as a male stop lying others drama queen .

    Glad you got those changes made. It's not forgotten.

    Vendon -AquamaN


    As i see you hasnt learned from the last time you occupied an lost town and i told you to free it you didnt listen so i started sending my navy then you moved your ships and you did free that town within 30 mins .

    I told you hostile (raiding)floaters get looted and occupied, noob.

    If you say Red Fox wasn't occupied 39:42 that round, more people will know your character.

    Huff and puff at someone else.

    I hope you're enjoying getting treated the way you treat others...

    Here's you trying to get me to break game rules:

    BTW, I still won't pay:P.



    Already ORDERED and permission to take military action against PH member granted if diplomacy fails :thumbup:.

    PH had no Garrison Treaty with VNS Sunday (lightshot site was blocked and Aquaman informed.) . I'll hop on and look after 48h vmode cooldown completes.


    Sorry starman but im not like you and ur friends Lake to have more accounts that is allowed.

    No you are not sorry for your accusations.

    Lake and I are male and fully identify our legal accounts as male. I am proud I am not like your spongy self. Pretty sure most of the server is proud of that too...

    YOU tell Aquaman to stop attacking VNS. Just go to the nearest mirror or VPN you mooched...