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    Maybe the game should use something other than national flags to indicate each language. :(

    I don't know that the Spanish speakers in the western hemisphere appreciate having to use Spain for their flag, either.

    I think using ISO language codes is a good choice

    Cavalry has size 3 so they cannot be used as frontline, otherwise they will be outnumbered by Hop if the battlefield is full.

    Some clarifications:
    On Day Four:
    - If say, "photographic" and "photo" appear separately (i.e. without intersection), do we count them as two words?

    - If a word is both the plural form of a noun and third person present tense of a verb, does it count?

    - Do the words have to be Christmas (or Ikariam) related?

    Every time I press on the show feature button and play the video, it either immediately plays to the end or keep loading forever, and I don't get the reward. This is probably due to the video OGame 15th anniversary Trailer on YouTube having the same problem.

    Edit: Restarted device and problem solved, please close thread