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    Well yes, if the good that one of us was selling was the same as the other one was buying. Though I'm sure there are other ways to try and sneak around that sensible restriction. But if both buying, or both selling, or different goods involved... Point is, I consider the restriction implementation to be a quick-fix type, which sweeps up other non ban-worthy examples. Such is life :|

    And, as implemented, ridiculously restrictive, as my wife and I found out when trying to trade at different islands of the same player. And also when trying to pillage an inactive at 2 separate locations. It's our reward for playing honestly, ha.

    Now this I like, especially once you (Quartz) highlighted the no-change-to-pillaging aspect. Scythe's suggestion to reduce % but allow the bonus for a 2nd port would make the change even easier to implement, I think. I suggested somewhere, in a throwaway remark, that I thought Sea Chart Archive could be improved for merchant ships only, say capping the naval units like has been done for 20-day building limit, but allowing higher SCA level than the current Level 40. If done in conjunction with your suggestion, "friendly transportation" could be improved significantly. Of course, having the volume of goods to take advantage of it would be a different matter altogether:).

    Just under 23/hour for maximum basic workers employed as each level is +2%, not 1%. And some trivial daily task bonuses to convert into goods. And a few more gold if trading for profit at the trading post. But yeah, it's mainly just for building/total points now.

    Ah, explains a lot, thanks. I'm still "only" on 45 and 46/47 for the two buildings. Agree about short-term ambrosia; I don't think the queueing will make such a big difference, so I still find your effort impressive.

    any info about the next changes?

    Im already finishing upgrading reduction buildings ( 3 of 5 ) to the 50 level.
    I don't know if I should demolish other buildings or wait for new building places?

    Wow! I can assume you had oodles of goods in stock? Unlike me, who used 112 million of them and a 10-day steam forklift in the 2 weeks just before 8.8 was announced... :( Ah well.

    Surely the point is it will take some players longer than others simply because of their previous planning and development, so predicting timescales must be an individual matter. Most of what I accomplished in Ikariam in 2022 was rendered utterly useless (hilarious details available on request); but as I was within sight of maximising my points of my main account under the old rules, so I get longer to play now (until I'm aged 225, at a rough estimate, LOL).

    As regards balancing out the new values, I thought the 8.8.2 numbers and rules were a pretty good effort, though I'd have increased the Sea Chart Archive maximum a lot, otherwise players who don't have all their towns tightly clustered lose out big time. You could limit the time savings of the upgrade to just merchant ships, if the fighting element of the game isn't to be altered radically.

    How does game forces you to have 20 (freaking) cities?

    This is my main problem with most of the complaints. You have the option to expand but you don't have to at all. Nothing is being taken away from the game, only added. I'm satisfied with the new update.

    Maybe I'm missing the point, but in your vision it's ok to add new content that most players won't achieve? The argument "it's there but nobody forces you to get it" is wrong and you know it. It's new content, players want to get it. Again, nobody asks to get it in 2 days, but in a decent amount of time.

    Well, I don't know it, so please clarify it for me, more politely if possible.

    I have 12 towns, but couldn't build the L48 trading port pre ver 8.8, because I don't have 4 warehouses and the depot. I could have demolished a building, built up the warehouse, done the upgrade, redemolished the warehouse for whichever higher scoring building I got rid of and reinstate that building. All for 1 level. Now I can just do something else. For free potentially. If I want 2 or 3 TV channels which come in a bundle of 50, that means all the rest of the bundle has no value to me. Yet it costs money. I don't feel obligated to watch the other channels.

    There are plenty of building levels I'll never see in my lifetime, however long it takes to construct them. Come to that, there are plenty of actual buildings I'll never end up with, but I don't want enough building spaces to construct them all - building skill has been reduced enough already in the game without making it yet easier. The reason most German board games are so good is that when it comes to your turn, you want to do more things in that turn than you are allowed to. It is the key to tactics and skill. I'm quite good at some board games and stink at others. But the ones giving restrictions to the choices are the ones that resonate with me.

    I'm not prolonging this thread hijacking, I'm done. Continue breaking the rules and defending the indefensible.

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    I have no issues against the idea. It's bold and will satisfy many players. (Not me, as I'm a pensioner and would be long dead before reaching any revised goals, LOL, but the proposal is still good.) I'm sure over 95% of the revised values will be perfectly balanced and the rest easily adjustable. But couldn't this just be applied to new servers, as a new game, Ikariam Plus, say, like German board games occasionally expand upon a "basic" game to create a more complex one, differently named?

    The problem with that is that the people who have already invested 10+ years in building up their accounts would have to start over to take advantage of the changes. That would kinda defeat the purpose of giving those folks some new way to expend their empires. I know for myself, I've been stuck at 12 cities on my main account for at least 10 years. Personally, I'm looking forward to being able to plant some new towns. Having more than 2 marble cities sounds like fun. :love:

    For the record, my alliance has lost plenty of long time players who were builders that ran out of things to build. I think this is a great idea for the people who are mostly wanting to build. The purpose isn't to reach some arbitrary marker where "I finished the game! Go me!" but to give people more opportunities to play. The process of building and designing and gathering resources is part of the game. It's the journey, not the destination. :)

    I don't disagree with any of that. I have 12 towns myself, with little current building left to do. But if the cases you cite were able to transfer to another new rules server seamlessly, they could still take advantage of the features, and leave those who want to continue as before the chance to do that.

    there's no disrespect in speaking other language

    It is, as other participants cannot understand.

    it is not, every web browser translate automatically.

    Sorry, but it IS disrespectful. What you are saying is everyone who cannot understand the language but wishes to read the comment has to use a translate service, as opposed to one person having to do the same task. How many of the mods here have English as first language? Some of them are very fluent, no doubt, but I bet they don't post in their home language if lost for a phrase. Ever.

    I have no issues against the idea. It's bold and will satisfy many players. (Not me, as I'm a pensioner and would be long dead before reaching any revised goals, LOL, but the proposal is still good.) I'm sure over 95% of the revised values will be perfectly balanced and the rest easily adjustable. But couldn't this just be applied to new servers, as a new game, Ikariam Plus, say, like German board games occasionally expand upon a "basic" game to create a more complex one, differently named?

    Anyone who has the goal of appearing high up the ladder of some particular statistic can see their planning upended catastrophically. People who have been playing for 10 or more years will have demolished buildings as necessary for maybe a final push - and now have to either rebuild them, change islands for different luxury goods priorities, etc. Yes, I know, virtually everyone will face different difficulties and challenges, but it does mean they are going to be playing a different game in essence, not just a mild add-on to an existing game. 2 different games, where a player can move their account to the new set-up, in a manner not dissimilar to the last mass movement, but keeping the other servers open for "Ikariam Lite" players.

    Another example of why I almost never post here. Whimpering indeed, huh. How would you have phrased the topic then, oh bold one? Aren't you going on ad nauseam about general banks? (I happen to agree with you on that matter, but it's way more whimpering than a one-off post.) Yes, I saw the smiley, but no, I still consider it an insult not in jest. Still, at least you replied.

    Never mind, let's drop this highly controversial topic that yielded essentially no replies on the matter. Please close the thread, Draxo. Thanks.

    This is the 2nd time that, following a rules upgrade, the chance of barbarians attacking seems to have increased dramatically.

    I am running a Godly Protection account on Herakles EN, as I near the completion of my primary account, (currently on Beta EN). Barbarians, between levels 10-12, have now attacked on May 22, May 29, June 1, June 8 and now June 22. They used to attack once every 3 weeks or so, which in my opinion was still too high a definition of "very low", but increased over a period in summer 2020 to once a week again (barbarians never above Level 16), before the frequency dropped back to "normal". Yeah, I know, random numbers blah, blah, but as someone who worked with probabilities all my working life, I find the chances to be remote enough even if the terminology wasn't described as VERY low.

    Are there any official programmed numbers available for release to the public? Has anyone else noticed an uptick in attacks? Not criticising, just very curious...

    Aha! Makes sense. I had not considered the possibility of a fold-away portable Tower :)) Thanks. Close the thread if that's what was meant to happen, please.

    Not mine, Draxo. I guess he went away. I'll see if I can find out. Though surely it should make no difference, if the quoted text is correct?

    Did the conditions of the Helios Tower change? The island that my Godly Protection account is on just had its one demolished:

    "The Helios Tower on the island of Saetaios has crumbled. Only the dusty ruins testify to the existence of this once magnificent structure. The settlements on this island no longer benefit from the tower's bonus."

    The message on the Helios Tower itself, however, states:

    "Even if you decide to leave this island kingdom one day, your tower and your name will become part of the world of Ikariam for all eternity!"

    So why, when the account that created it left a couple of days ago, was the tower demolished and a system message generated in the Mayor's list? (I don't consider this a bug because the system recognises the occurrence, so not reported in that section.)

    Surely the fastest way to do it is to generate RPs by both methods at the same time? 12 max Academies could generate 4416 Scientists and you still have people working in the crystal mines to generate Experiments. Use Democracy or Technocracy if you have enough CTs, to generate bonus RP production.

    But I guess your main aim is NOT Total Points, else why demolish the Academies once they have generated all the Future Researches? As points scorers go, they earn more than enough to be one of your final buildings.