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    I'd be inclined to just alter the museum.

    First change would be to allow multiple CT with one person.

    Artworks produced by artisans employed by the museum ( similar to priest in s temple producing faith) could be used instead of the current CT, but serve the same main purpose. Several different styles of art would be a nice option. Perhaps having some hard to produce, or requiring resources other than just artisans in the building..

    Having several artworks of the same 'theme' - from the same person, or of the same style- could bring a little extra happiness.

    A visual change to show each artwork in your museum would be a nice touch.

    For those, like me, who are working on the achievements, a few more could be added here. Perhaps one for having all you museums 'themed', another for having artworks for distant regions...

    No, you don't need a level 35 Town Hall to build dock in the capital

    Odd. I could only build a dockyard in my capital after expanding the Town Hall to level 35. And the capital had a level 11 Palace. If you look at other posts on older threads discussing this, is seems I was not alone in this. Was there an update I missed?

    The description of the Dockyard says that it can be built in any town with level 10 Governor's Residence or level 35 Town Hall. I can build Dockyards in all towns with level 10 Governor's Residences, but not the Capital city that has a level 10 Palace.

    You are not the only one to be confused about this. :-)

    As you note the description indicates you must have a level 10 GR or a level 35 Town hall.

    The Palace is not a Governor's Residence, so to build a Dockyard in your Capital, you must have a level 35 Town Hall..

    Never heard such a ugly language.

    But the point is what are you doing? Marketing your YT?

    You really think people speak THAT language?

    Reading post from forum? great because people don't know how to do that.

    Chuck was much nicer in response than I think he should have been. I'm just going to say you sound quite immature and insulated to be so overtly racist on an international site. I'd be ashamed to hold such views, let alone openly express them!

    It's simply impossible not to have one free place, it's literally impossible, I don't know what you have to do with the account to fill all the places in all cities. Now it is not even necessary to have one free place in each city, one free place on the whole account is enough for this update.

    Ohh, its definitely not impossible to have no free spots in your towns! :-)

    All my permanent towns were full. I ended up demolishing a Forester to make room for the shrine. Not a huge deal, as it was really just a place holder for the 'future' updates that had been mentioned sometime back. And I'll have some more spaces free up when I finish getting the level 6 Academy achievement. And after that, I can still drop one or more of my old pre-update storage buildings - will be a long time before I need 4 warehouses and a depot all at level 40. But it is quite easy to use all the spaces. Even before the shrine, I was paying moving squares with the buildings I want and the spaces I had.

    I usually send hops to take the brunt of the wall then a couple of lines of SGs. But as damage is distributed over the SG after each round, this would probably help reduce SG losses and perhaps make them viable further into the high level villages.

    Quite like the idea, but I'd increase the bonus.

    The biggest mill I can access ( a max level 60 ) lets me use 1874 citizens before helping hands sets in. That is a base rate of 1874 building materials harvested. A 1% gain on that will give me 18.74 units. That''s a tiny boost when my next Townhall in that colony needs 1.7 million building material units and the GR needs 5.6M. Sure, I run the cinetheater, and use the daily tasks to tigger a steam saw once per week. Most days I have this running at 2.2K+. That's going to be roughly 770 days to collect that 1.7M. A 1% gain on the base rate will drop that about 1 week.

    17 players all running 1874 citizens gives 31 858. A 1% gain every 2000 gives a 15% max boost. Add all the helping hands possible ( max foresters 3294) and you get 56K of foresters. That's a 28% boost for the maxed out mill on a full island with large towns. Sounds nice, but its still years to get enough wood for the late stage expansions and most island will not be close to this.

    Perhaps a 2% gain every 1000?

    That said, we've been told there are further updates already planned. I'd not get to involved in new suggestions till they have been rolled out. ... I know: I'm already 3 paragraphs in. So much for not getting too involved! :-)

    What do you propose ?

    at the moment there are players who don't donate anything and who grow by taking advantage of other people's donations.

    It does not seem right .

    Would a temporary boost to resource production work as an incentive? Donate a certain amount to the mine and get a temporary percentage boost to production. You could have a simple flat rate for everyone: eg: donate 10K and get a 1% boost, donate 100K and get a 10% boost. Or you could vary it based on the size of the player's town. eg; a level 1 town donates 1k for +1%, a level 5 donates 2k, and so on. I've not run any calculations so those numbers are just for demonstration. Production boost would need to be long enough or big enough to make it worthwhile.

    It would be nice if allied units, and perhaps those with trade treaties, did get a SCA boost from you. Why wouldn't you share your map collection with friendly players leaving your port? A shame this is not an option.

    Actually, if it was, then perhaps that could be another spy mission for occupations: spy out the map collection to boost you own ships travel times.

    Its not an option I would use very often, but it would be nice to have. At present, I just alter the time to when my ships will already be out, so the trade route can;t complete.

    One of my islands has the mill maxed out at level 60 and thus no donations are possible. If resource extraction was linked to donation, I'd have no resources from this island.

    On many of my other islands, I arrived well after the first players and the resources were well developed. It has taken me years to get anywhere close to what had already been donated. But I've been able to extract resources at the maximum my population allowed since arriving, thus letting me donate to them more quickly. Any restriction on resource extraction would have slowed that considerably.

    On some on my islands, there are well developed resources with no players remaining. I could donate 1 unit of wood and be the biggest contributor, but on others, I could donate hundreds of millions and still be in last place. If donations were tied to resources as suggested, that would just push my new colonies towards empty islands.

    Sounds like you doing it right. Sometime decoys don't have a noticeable effect on the success rate. The size of the town you are spying on, if the player is active or inactive, and if they have spies in defense or even have a spyhut at all and the type of mission you are doing. These can all make decoys more or less effective. But you should see some change some of the time! Have you tried spying on different towns and different players?

    I would likely use it if it was a better value but it's not worth it. I rarely see an active one on Beta. I'm not saying it needs to be a month but for only 10% its not worth it. Either lengthen the time it lasts or increase the bonus.

    I also find the value to low to be viable for me. All my colonies are single, so a Tower would only boost one town 10%. 69 ambro to construct is fine, that will average out to nothing over time. But 40 ambro for 7 days of oil will net me an extra 2800 marble and 1580 wood in my biggest and most productive colony. Combined, thats 109 resource units per ambro (2800 + 1580 = 4380. 4380/40= 109.5) Better just to by the resources direct from the shop, where I can get 1K marble and 1k wood for 8 ambrosia each which works out to 125 resource units per ambro. (2000/16=125) And if you go all out and buy the biggest package, 250k for 240, you get 1041.6 resource units each bit of ambro ( 500k/480=1041.666) - almost 10 times the value.

    When all is said and done, it is far better for me to buy the premium trader, even at full price, and shuffle my resources instead of buying new.

    Wow! What level is that Town Hall?

    Based on my own level 41 Townhall, with a pop of 5348. I'd say a level 39 or 40 with some economics futures.

    ITs a very nice number of Freighters!

    But even more impressive it the resources. I have access to one level 60 mill that is giving me 2255 units ( maxed out but no helpers or Forester's House.) 8 955 units is amazing! How high is their Forester!?

    resources favours are useless anyway

    Perhaps for any established permeant colony. But they are really useful for setting up a mobile or new colony, as is the 1 Day Premium account .It is a free 106k of resources. I'm happy to get it. And the boosters. Even the tiny research points reward. But then I will also pick up a 10 cent coin on the footpath. And use my tea bags twice. There is probably a word for this... :-)

    For anyone who is curious, I've just expanded the townhall in my capital to level 36.

    Passive collection now need 115K to complete. and the rewards have changed to the following:

    In reference to the last few posts: the update has a cap of 2500pts, but you don't lose them like the pervious task system. You just can't get more than 2500. Personally, I like this as it means the formerly lost points I had at the end of each week are now saved and usable.

    The tasks each have a seperate 7 day cool down, which you can check by hovering your mouse over the button. Several have the option to use ambrosia to complete. 4 ambro for the passive collection tasks, and 8 for some of the easy ones.

    While I liked the old systems ability to repeatedly select just one reward ( usually wine or marble for me) the new system has got me picking almost everything. And I have even been tempted to use 4 ambro to compete the final passive and get the 100pt bonus... it is better use than buying the resources in the shop. Objectively speaking, it has made me more active with the variety of tasks and upend the routine I'd established for several years. ( Trade, raid, pillage the village, collect some wine, repeat )

    But you're right your only real asset here is communication.. military resistance is probably futile even as harassment.

    Im guessing Starman is right though most probable reason is beach head.

    A little off topic, but I have often thought this would be a nice option for a future update: an actual beach head building. Not, as now, a new town used as a mobile base, but either a 'unit' or 'building' that could be dropped on an island and allow your troops to deploy from there. It would open up the entire world to viable attacks, as your troops would only have to travel once to the beach head and not to and from your towns each battle. Reinforcement waves would be much easier too. Numerous options as to how it affects corruption in your 'real' towns, how many you can have ( eg: one per level of your Palace), what speed your troops could deploy from it, how many movement points it had, etc would have to hashed out. But I do like the idea. Potentially it could be much easier to 'defend' your island by occupying all the beachhead points ( same as the colony spots? ) with these instead of creating multiple alt accounts.

    Just spotted an oddity: you can only select one of the one day luxury resource boosters that are applicable to the town you're in. You can't choose to boost Marble if you're in a Wine town, even if you have a Marble town. You have to switch to the Marble town first, then you can select it.

    I seldom used the boosters in the old system as the resource drops were much better for me, but this feels very familiar. I don't think this aspect has changed.

    With regards to the size of the rewards. 22k of marble is about 0.6% of the amount need for my next Townhall expansion. 3500 Research points is about 0.06% of the next Future research I want to do. This would vary markedly between players, but it does seem like the Research rewards is a little low by a factor of 10.

    The gold reward of 65K is about what the resources would cost to produce, so that is okay by me :-)

    The troop rewards are low by this standard, as others have noted. A full row would be nice, or an equivalent number proportional to the resource rewards.