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    I can tell you for sure if you used the retreat button your troops will spread always if the home city port is occupied.

    If you want to send troops to fight you should click on the home city(from island view) and click send fleet that way the ships will go to battle.

    that's perfect answer :thumbup:

    but i don't know why when your city is occupied, you can't use the retreat button!

    in this case you cant came back your troops or ships to your city without fight!

    this is really ridiculous! ?(

    at the past years you could use the retreat button when your city was occupied.your army was returning to your city after 4 hours spread.

    I've been having this bug for over a week now. I order 30 balloons in the barracks, there are enough resources, there are enough people. I press train and it starts to train not 30 balloons, but, for example, 12.

    I order 12 mortars, start building 1 mortar, I order 6 mortars - 1 mortar is being built

    The same is true for other units. I now have 3 orders in the barracks for 1 mortar. You have to wait and order again to get the required amount.

    Also, after updating with large dry cargo ships from android, gold, the economy section with gold costs, and the amount of gold are not displayed. A window with a large cargo ship threw out a window with gold. It's less convenient to play on the phone

    i have exactly same problem and just came here to find a solution for it.this bug is really annoying! i got loss many times because of that -_-