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    Se está solucionando servidor por servidor, poco a poco y por idiomas. Muchos servidores ya vuelven a estar dentro de la normalidad.

    Tomará un tiempo pero en teoría durante el día de hoy estará solucionado.

    I would also like to ask, what happens to the banned accounts? if you had 2 accounts connected to lobby and one of them is banned, since you will have to change server, what happens to the banned one when it's time for it to come online?

    If you cannot choose a server because the account is banned, you will be randomly transferred to another server.

    Are you sure about this? Last merge the leaders took the alliance with them to the new server. Wouldn't make me happy to see all our forum posts disappear

    I'm not sure, but alliances should be transfered when the leader transfers the account. I don't know what will happen with members since it seems it will not be like the last time that everybody got transfered at the same time.

    What about cities which you built on the 17th island place? Will you get something for that?

    Reimbursed on your inventory.

    7) Is it allowed to speak other languages on servers than the normal one? Because the servers from my country will get completely deleted..

    I remember some communities that disappeared during last merge. Language stayed English as official server language if I'm not wrong.

    6) In the FAQ, it states people will be reimbursed the resources they've invested in the islands for mines/wonders/Helios Towers. What happens if their towns can't hold those resources?

    I cannot say much, but if everything goes like old merges went, you will have that on your inventory and in the mines... view.