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    Colossus dosent help either, but it is know who is No.1 team from Balkans . ;)

    what to say for this o.O
    I was thinking that he know how to play,but i was wrong.
    good job

    My love , you know everything.
    It s time the little boy try new server,when nobody can play army yet,maybe then he will be superior

    One more from DA 🤷🏻‍♂️

    I guess his gold is going into the red so he wanted to get rid of this 😂😂

    Opalaa bjezite ljudi gavra se budi .

    Very good,very good 😂

    Hello everyone, I’m Dios one of the leaders of the SHIELD.

    If you play you probably know from the top stats.

    We are most of the very good players from the BA server.

    Some things are weird to me on ENG as a weak activity on the forum. We have more forum warriors than ingame 😂

    I wouldn't want to be falsely modest, but for your own good I think it would be wise for you to avoid the SHIELD tag;)

    Respect to all of you.

    shooting star 😂

    But as a General ...

    Ja shvacam da si ti i koliko vidim ima vas jos.. da ste frustrirani jer ne mozete odraditi pravednu OL bitku samnom a da ne visite ovdje, pa onda prozivate ovako.

    Rekao jednom jedan filozof

    Čestitke mojoj šefici koja još jednom pokazuje i dokazuje da je glavna faca na Delti,a i šire 😘

    Dome ti prvo moraš Ćanu nadvladati da bi išao na Sem😂