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  • 61 years old? Hello, young man! State pensioner here...

    If it's any consolation, I was at #1 on Rho (EN) with >65m points, despite many others starting up to 2 years before me; and I've never: bought Ambrosia; used boat buddies; had multi accounts; raided in piracy; or any other "bending" of rules, even having declared my wife's shared IP address so that we cannot pillage different towns of the same inactive on different islands, given the absurdity of the no-fleet-contact interpretation. Now I've moved to Beta, found myself 9th (initially 8th, but I'm demolishing stuff), with zero chance of catching the top 5 because of my self-imposed restrictions. In fact, I don't think you can actually get as many points as the top 2 have, under the current rules, bugs having been corrected.

    But I'll continue building anyway! I owe Ikariam a lot, having met my wife through this game!

    I hope you stick with it, despite GF's incompetence and lack of investment.