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    I'm still looking under the "Legal" tab for over-riding discretionary GF clauses :-)

    and hell yeah to all the above as long as we stick to Forum rules and are respectful on all sides

    Together we may help make this game really good again - and tempt me to buy a bit of Ambro every now and then

    One look at Beta En Generals Top 50 should be enough to see some fishy stuff has been happening - and for some time - and the provenance has been compounded

    It's a long story...

    The T&Cs state


    It is not permissible to use the Gameforge Services via anonymisation services or similar means capable of suppressing or concealing the real IP address or the origin of the user.

    We are given to understand from GF reps in the forum that this is no longer applicable for a variety of good reasons - locale, governmental constraints, technological changes with internet delivery and services etc

    but 3.2.5 is pretty explicit - please can this clause be updated to reflect the new situation

    and/or guidance given to direct us to official written Rules or Documentation that counteracts 3.2.5

    I do believe making such a reasonable request is in any way an infraction of board rules, laws and guidelines - but Hera in particular has made it clear we need to behave and keep on topic so I will try and not go anywhere near a tanget!

    Best Christmas Love to all



    I'm not using VPN or any trick with static IP or hanging a wire or wifi to neighbours and set up a dedicated device PC etc per account

    Word on the street is a few Iranian (mostly) accounts just merged are running 20-30 accounts per individual natural person...hell yeah

    They've been doing some very dodgy stuff since Iran server merge some years ago - any of them with General Banks we attacked as the only way 500k accounts could have millions of gens was via multis, before 11 were legit

    I can expand on how they did this in the Iranian server before it was shut down and merged - a lot is culturally understandable in a good way

    Gotta look into VPN though myself to get better Netflix etc and privacy

    My two accounts are Darth Amiable (he takes a back seat) and the devastating reality that is DELIVERANCE - THE BEAST

    Del is just handy in a scrap and takes 6-10 fights on at a time and sometimes monitors several others to call in fire support

    No-one has yet surpassed me, but it's been close :-) (actually only Iranian and Taiwan cheaters got near)

    I have guilty secrets to divulge however, upon which I am happy to elaborate - no direct cheating though, but to be fair I have at times played to the borders of game spirit

    I understand completely Draxo stuff about needing to allow VPN under all guises - my main point, it is not in the Rules or the 2014 T&C - so FLIPPING UPDATE THEM!

    I do not want to rely on hearsay via GF obfuscation on the forum - PUT IT IN THE RULES AND T&C

    Or do we take it GF cherry pick from Rules and T&C and leave new and existing non forum players blind? Please show me the online documentation that says VPN and anonymisation services/ dynamic IP/ diverged static IP/ Neighbour IP via cables or WiFi to obscure user etc are now allowed

    Advanced player fighters can detect cheats by inference and fight style - GF do not have GO tools capable of doing this yet

    GF Forum Staff - do you have any battle experience against enemy that lay down 40 or 50 thousand gyro in a continuous assault combined with 10,000 air balloons?

    Regarding Ambrosia - I buy a little, a tenner quid here and there, mostly for trade ship speed under combat fire - but but I'd buy more if I trusted GF - currently I

    do not - along with it seems one or two others

    Happy Christmas



    Come on guys this is still a great game and community! PLEASE GF get a furking grip!

    In the old ancient forum some years ago we did a vote on suggestion that black market sales be subject to a post vmode cooldown (personally I favour 7 days)

    tally was about 130 in favour and 12 against

    I think it was the most voted on suggestion ever for Beta world

    funnily enough I don't think there were in the annals of history any suggestion I saw enacted by GF - so maybe that suggestions section was a just a let of steam device :-)

    true to form and subsequently many a time this suggestion is met with barely concealed GF scorn and poo poo

    even poo pooing the poo poo at many a juncture

    It would be nice to have the T&C updated to reflect the appropriate use of VPN then:


    It is not permissible to use the Gameforge Services via anonymisation services or similar means capable of suppressing or concealing the real IP address or the origin of the user.

    Come to Beta EN we'll give you a good fair fight. Crow is my primary go to battle buddy and superlative leader - fought him for a while years ago, his alliance LAW won at sea, we NF won on land and called it quits

    I was honoured to become LAW General Commanding after a few other victorious commands with allies various, including a 2 year secondment to manage an Iranian crew; KINGS versus their adversary PGA Shock. Then I moved to ABY to help teach them carrier wave counter measures and other things...

    Happy days!

    Looking up the screen shots now of big scores mentioned - I think I aced Beta En a year or two ago with Offensive a bit over 5 mill and similar Defence so not too shabby myself

    and yeah many of those 'Ranians were cheating like Russian Olympic contestants

    I have posted a lot about how they do it already

    I am slightly retired now but some of my secret legal tricks are still valid and deadly

    The keys are the KTA and SWANT doctrines :-)

    Have fun


    We glorious British overlords and our colonial brethren at arms eagerly await the arrival of some savoury and unsavoury types to the dominion of EN Beta!

    Thanks so much to the two forum guys with that clarification info...