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    That remains untrue, however, I've explained this often enough and will not again drift away into the whole discussion about how having been on a server already is NOT an advantage. If you feel strongly about discussing this, do so somewhere else, please. It has been discussed often enough and I see no reason to repeat myself for the n-th time on this topic.

    I do not think you get my point. When you are at war being able to activate the Forge and poseidon miracles 24/7 is an advantage or more precisely a must. Also the possibility to have your towns or ally towns in close vicinity is considered an advantage. If thats not possible due to the way of the merge then the players/ally's that have these requisits in place due to the mere fact that they were already settled on the target server before the arrival of the inactive accounts or merger account have an advantag. Its as simple as that - and thats the TRUTH. case closed - We have been waiting and idling for 2 months now - we can idle two months more or whatever time it takes. We are patient - after all we still play IKA.

    I guess you have considered to lower the time of 7 days ?

    No, for a simple reason: deletion is deletion. There is no deletion for this kind of accounts, deletion for this other kind, deletion for yet another kind...

    As Draxo pointed out: that would affect all accounts that are set for deletion, so that means: GDPR requests, self-deletions, inactivity deletions....all of them. It's simply not an option, as you want some accounts to not be deleted right away and we're not going to write a dozen of different deletion scripts.

    We'll all survive :)

    So for my understanding - the merge has been planned all the way to flood the target servers with inactive accounts being inactive for 7 days before deletion?

    At least I think GF should inform for the different servers how long time they expect this situation being like this. It's really anoying being on servers where your hands are tied - now for more than 2 months.

    The main problem here is that players already on the target servers has tremendous advantage over players that were forced to move to the target servers via the merge. And we had no clue that we would not be able to allocate our towns at decent spots.

    I know we will all survive - its just a game. But the planning, execution and follow up on this merge has just been crappy to say at least.

    Right now it doesn't seem that any accounts are being deleted - it's the same situation as has been for months now.

    The only thing that got fixed was the deletion, as only that was broken.

    Meaning: accounts will vanish after 7 days again. However, as previously stated several times, we're talking about millions of ghosts here. So until all ghosts have been handled free slots will be filled up with new ghosts (who will then be deleted 7 days later) pretty much instantly.

    Thanks for the answer.

    I guess you have considered to lower the time of 7 days ? e.g. 1 day or less. That would be really great. We are talking about 10 year old accounts most of them less than 1 mill in total score - and lots of accounts with the basic score of 60!

    Waiting 7 days for a 10 year old account with a score of 60 - seems unneccessary and quite unfair for active players that has been active in the game for years.

    I would once again highlight the frustration many of us feels. We were forced to merge into a target server - being unable to locate to decent locations - and hence unable too play the game decently. It's been like that for more than 2 months now.

    So I really urge GF to find solutions that are faster than 7 days pr. account.

    Plus, same spot, what is the time frame between X-inactive gone and Y-inactive pop out? Not specifically, just a second/minutes/hour/..

    Just a general flow how it most likely happens (I am not a developer but these are the principles working in the past): the system picks a ghosted account from the source server, randomly picks up the target server and checks the coordinates which are max close to the old coordinates on the islands with the same luxus resource. If the islands with the specific resource are full, the islands around it get checked until the available spots are found and the towns moved. Then go back and pick another account. Definitely it's more about seconds and not hours.

    Sounds like a good explanation. But how is it then working for the accounts to get deleted? Which accounts gets deleted and when. Right now it doesn't seem that any accounts are being deleted - it's the same situation as has been for months now. will they get deleted after 7 days? a month ? more or less time?

    surely GF must know the amount of Ghosts on every server? or?

    Thereby be able to estimate an apprixamte time before they have all disappeared. Or am I just too much of an engineer here?

    As mentioned, the update deals with the inactive accounts problem. :)

    It deals with the problem! What does that mean?

    Does that mean that the problem is fixed? If the problem is fixed - when can we then expect the inactive accounts to dissappear ?

    If its not fixed - what happens next?

    Shouldn't the inactive STAY on graveyard server until the day somebody logs them back in? If Ever?

    As I understand the problem, they are transferred to the graveyard server via a process similar to moving your acconut to a different server. But unfortunately the deletion on the origin servers does not follow the expected 7 days. But something is happening now and then because accounts are dissapearing - and new ones are popping up if you are not fast taking up the spot.

    Unfortunately it means that the game is more or less unplayable - especially for all those of us that were forced to move because of a server being deleted.

    its almost 2 months since the merge was initiated - so for many of us the game has been unplayable for almost 2 months. Its in this context that the game supporters should meet our frustration - we do not need sarcastic comments as feedback to our communication.

    Actually I bet that I will get yet another sarcastic comment on this post. Please prove me wrong - please

    So I was right. I won the internal bet. That its impossible to get a decent reply from GF via the Game Administrators. I explicitly stated that there was no need answering with sarcastic comments - what do I get : apply for a job and fix the code myself. There is no need for such comments.

    You do not loose anything by being polite. But GF looses a lot providing such sarcastic answers !

    I rest my case - have a nice day though:)

    I think it's about time that we get some real information on what is happening.

    And please do not answer back with a sarcastic attitude quoting previous statements I am not in the mood for being bullied by a game administrator. I think its about time that GF communicates more precisely what is being done and what is the expected time frame for fixing the problems on islands being filled with old ghosted acconts from up tp 10 years ago.

    If you cant provide a decent answer that is non -insulting - then dont answer.

    Please be adviced that we the players are costumers, and we are not here to annoy you. But the game has not been playable for many of us since the merge.

    1. The merge was initiated beginning of december - we are soon talking late january (I know that the germans has had a long christmas break - but come on its not working yet......)

    2. The players that were on the target servers before the merge has a tremendous advantage against the players that were forced to move - and now have found themselves on poor islands - spread across the map and for some tremendous travelling distances between towns.

    3. Being bullied by large alliances with huge General Banks is not healthy for the future amount of players.

    4. GF has provided close to no information on the proces they are undergoing - its time to change that position.

    All I want is some kind of information that should keep me and my mates in the game.

    yours sincerely


    Looking forward to any update on the topic with the inactive accounts. Maybe someone could inform about the process or even progress. Not being rude - but just eager to get some kind of information. The last official post on the merge topic I have found is dated the 17'th of dec. 2021.:)

    I fully agree to get rid of the black market. On the new servers where I have arrived after the merge I have witnessed these obscure military scores - primarily used by people and alliances that do not put effort nor competence in their attacks.

    By getting rid of black markets even smaller players that understand the warfare can withstand attacks from very big players. With the black market it all comes down to whom has the biggest military bank - and hey everybody can put together an attackforce with rocket ships and steam rams and then just attack with massive military.

    I vote for killing the black market.

    What we have relised on several servers are a lot of inactive accounts (ghost acoounts) popping up - and not disappearing.

    As explained previously, that is absolutely normal and part of the graveyarding process.

    It becomes "not normal" and then report-worthy, if they are still there more than 7 days after they popped up.

    So can you guide me to the post where the 7 days normal graveyarding process is explained for us - the players ! How on earth should I be able to figure out how the graveyarding process works? - its not me developing the game. I might have missed one or two of your official posts stating the process so please guide me.

    Please also guide me in the direction of the ticket system on the EN - community - please

    Thanks for the answers though - I only asked because I did not know about the 7 days - those 7 days are not mentioned in any of your official posts - So I think it is rude to point out that I should know - but I have no chance of finding that information anywhere. Nevertheless now I know.

    What we have relised on several servers are a lot of inactive accounts (ghost acoounts) popping up - and not disappearing. I will see if I can figure out how to report that in a ticket.

    When can we expect the Ghost accounts to disappear to the graveyard server? Its quite annoying all those inactive accounts taking up the good spots on preferred islands.

    As said several times by now: 7 days after they popped up they should be deleted.

    They already ARE on the graveyard server.

    Graveyarding works just like the merge. The account on the source server is banned, copied over to the target server and marked for deletion.

    Deletion then happens 7 days after the flag has been set.

    Well - I asked a decent question - because they do not get deleted. I expected a decent answer - don't need to get rude.

    So I apologize on beforehand for another question - how can you see that they a marked for deletion other than being inactive?
    Maybe you could include the information you just provided in an easy to get too channel - or should I go through each of the 43 pages of soft merger question thread finding the information needed? Thats not fair.