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    There are a lot of players suddenly in V mode on I thought that it was an odd time to hit V, so I checked some out - they have 0 master builder, scientist, military, and gold scores - only their points remain unchanged. Does anyone now what is going on with that? I have noticed that players reappearing from ghosting who were banned have the same string of zeros - are these players banned? They include some old and active (formerly) players.

    Someone in my alliance suggested maybe they had tried to move to Alpha or Beta and got stuck?

    LOL, Rstar57 and Ratchet I took the comment, "quit Whining about the festival of worlds, "no amounts of whining is going to fix it" as a bit of humour - quoting me back at myself.....and, unfortunately, probably true - no amount of whinging or complaining is likely to affect GF's actions.

    So I am enjoying Festival on Alpha en while wishing I could merge and play on Ny. You know what they say about wishes ;)

    Please note that it is NOT just the players on Zelos us that can not merge into Ny. As far as I know NONE of the players on US servers can merge to Ny (some in my alliance have accounts on several us servers, and none can merge) So as far as "the least desirable islands left" go, we are all in the same boat.

    I think we all have noticed that free spaces are going down, and the islands we had our eyes on are beginning to fill up, but it is not because other servers are moving. It may be that a few lucky players have somehow managed to merge - anyone know of someone who was able to merge to Ny? It is more likely that players tired of trying to move have opened new accounts on Ny (why is this still an option? Surely Ny should be closed until merge is finished?).

    So yeah, it sucks. But lots of us are in this position, not just you and your mates from Zelos. And no amount of whinging is going to fix it.

    Question for the GO's: Will the "Festival of Worlds" be extended on Ny once the bug is fixed and we can actually merge? At this point it looks as though we will miss most, if not all of the first week.

    For those having piracy issues, I sent in a ticket and got this reply:

    on exodus servers the piracy raids are deactivated. We can't activate it again. Sadly you will have to wait for the problems to be fixed.

    Best regards

    Black Scorpion

    Super Gameoperator for the us community of


    So we can not even play piracy while we sit in limbo ;(X(

    So, no word about the problem many of us on US server are having merging into Ny after more than 14 hrs since Badidol responded

    So 14 hrs ago Badidol acknowleged the problem many of us on US server are having, and 4 hrs ago fustus' only response was "Please send a ticket". No word from anyone about the issue....and since Badidol checked it 14 hrs ago, and concluded only the devs could solve it - surely someone could at least have come on here and assured us it was being looked into by now.

    This is really really poorly done! More than 16 hrs after the merge was supposed to have started, and still not able to move.

    anyone else on Zelos server have their Pirates locked up?

    and/or have trade ships in limbo as well.

    I put a ticket in for both but have not heard anything yet.

    I am not on Zelos, but in my account on Eunomia I can send out capture rins, but am not able to send raids. A red message pops up saying "server merge" - which is laughable since I can not merge :cursing:

    I see a few people have posted about the problem many of us trying to move to Ny are having. Whether you are in an alliance or not, this message:

    • Alliance name is already in use. Please choose another one

    Even after changing alliance name to one that is NOT in use on Ny, same message. So for almost 12 hours, I and alliance mates have not been able to move. Slowly the number of free spaces is decreasing - 0nly by about a hundred in 11 hours, so this problem must be widespread.

    Please, can someone address this problem? The issues people are having with banned accounts and forced Vacation mode have at least been acknowleged and a fix or timeline for a fix have been posted. When will the Alliance name problem be fixed for Ny so we can move?

    On it. Checked it but nothing I can do about it myself.

    Need to wait for dev with this one. From what I could see myself this should have worked.

    Funny enough: this is only happening on US, so...yeah. Special.

    Well, I guess if it is happening to everyone on US servers, at least we are all in the same boat. So maybe all the freaking out about not getting first choice of islands is resolved. So nice to know we are special!

    Thanks for checking it out, Badidol.

    Yup - I can not transfer my account - because alliance name already in use....but no one except leader can change alliance name. And the leader checked days ago to make sure alliance name is NOT in use. BEsides, I had understood fron FAQ that we would have to all rejoin alliance after the merge, so why does it make any difference if the name is already in use?

    This was definitely NOT worth getting up early ;(

    One account per server.

    Multi account was a mistake from the last merge. Fix it.

    Once you start merging servers, you have to allow multis. It was not a mistake, people playing on several servers needed to have a place to land each account. Look at the outcry this time, from people who were looking at having to delete accounts they had played for years!

    Not having a bonus server as one of the merge targets in US community is a mistake. Lots of bonus servers were opened in the last few years, but the players on them are forced to go to servers without them

    whine whine etc :rolleyes:

    Will we move to the same coordinates in the target world if that is availabl

    Has this been answered in the FAQs? I had assumed one would move to same coords if available, and to nearest island with same resource if not - like what happens when people come back from ghosting. But it would be good to know for sure!

    People actually buy resources? Pillaging them is much more fun... ;)

    Which is why little new players are worried about moving to old servers with players 10 times their size.

    But on Alpha en most players there currently do not tend to go after new little players, as long as they do'nt leech or otherwise be annoying. I don't know about on other older servers, but I would expect it is much the same.

    But I agree, more fun to pillage, and is only way for speedy growth unless you have huge amounts of money to burn on ambrosia.

    New servers are not negotiable. They are going to happen, none of us is going to stop that. It is therefore pointless to discuss them. They are going to happen and always were. We could just as well discuss about why the sun won't stop shining. Pointless.

    With merges being possible again, however, new servers aren't really a problem anymore.

    I do not see how you can say new servers are not a problem because mergers are possible. I am sure I am not the only player who joined a new server because of the bonuses - faster ships, recruiting, extra resources from mines - which many of the new servers were offering. But NOT ONE of the target servers for US is a bonus server. To me, that is a problem. Why in the world would I ever join another new server knowing that at any time, the features I signed up for can be whisked away in the next merge?

    That message only went to players on target servers....which is kind of silly, as the players on target servers do not have to do anything (now that the multi rule is unchanged).

    As far as I know, nothing has gone out to the players who actually have to move - so if you don't read the forums regularly, -well, to paraphrase Badidol, "it sucks to be you".

    I don't think the piracy question was out of line. Some people enjoy the pirate game, and set up their cities to max the rewards. I wonder why GF decided to make this merge at the tail end of the piracy round - how hard would it have been to let the various servers finish this round before the merge?

    I am upset about the fact that I chose a 'bonus' server - faster ships, extra resources, faster recruit times, etc, and none of the US target servers have bonuses. Most of the servers being merged are bonus servers. Added to the fact that only 1 of the target servers has the 'new' map, I feel pretty angry. I certainly would NEVER recomend this game to friends, nor any GF game for that matter, after watching this mess unfold!