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    Incrivelmente eu também estou com o mesmo problema,
    O que devo fazer para resolver isso?
    Hoje 2 de dezembro, meu aniversário, que presentão maravilhoso.

    As this is an EN - English forum - please make sure to post in English - so you query can be answered.

    Dear players,

    from 29.11.2021 00:00 until 30.11.2021 00:00 the following items will be discounted:

    • Potion of Wisdom (60 Days)
    • Potion of Wisdom (30 Days)
    • Potion of Wisdom (10 Days)
    • Triton Engines

    For further information please check the ingame shop during the discount period.

    Your Ikariam Team

    Dear Players


    A new Server: Kerberos

    On Ikariam.en, starting date : Monday 6th December 2021


    25% faster troop and fleet training

    10% faster trade ships

    50% more sulfur income


    Changes to Normal Server Transfer

    • From now on, transfer items will be available in the shop.
    • Various transfer items are available that can be used to make different numbers of transfers, up to the maximum number of Town Relocations.
    • The transfer items remain in your inventory as usual. You don’t have to use them immediately and you can also stock up by buying several items.
    • To transfer, you need to use one of the items from the inventory.
    • After using the transfer item, you will be redirected to the transfer page:
      • Once there, you choose a target country and a target server from the list.
      • You can use the “Inspect Destination” button to check whether you can relocate to that server. In addition, you will see which fields are still free on the server.
      • Use the “Start Transfer Now” button to start the transfer. If it is not possible, the transfer aborts and the transfer item is not used. The reason for the failed transfer is then displayed.
    • If you leave the transfer page without completing the move, the transfer item will not be used and will become inactive again. You must reactivate it to start a new transfer.
    • Transfers can cause a loss of resources in active fleets.
    • After a successful transfer, your account on the old server will be locked before it is deleted there. Your account on the new server will be displayed in the lobby.
    • After a move, you will be rewarded with temporary premium access and items.
    • After you move, you will automatically be in vacation mode until you log in for the first time.
    • The following rules apply for transfers:
      • You cannot move to a server where you would immediately be in the top 50 of the rankings.
      • You cannot move between normal and war servers.
      • If your name has already been taken, you cannot move. You will have to change it first.
    • Other (alliances etc.) remain the same.

    Server Merge

    • If a server merge is initiated, all players will receive a notification at login and an in-game indication of how long the server merge will continue.
    • The transfer page shows you the progress of the server merge and includes FAQs about it.
    • During the server merge, you will not be able to register on the corresponding servers.
    • Any player can move free of charge to one of the servers displayed on the site, subject to the following:
      • You cannot move to a server where your name already exists.
    • The servers will be closed as soon as the server merge time expires.
    • Any account that has not been moved is automatically transferred to a random target server.
    • After the server transfer is complete, you will receive the same number of town relocations as you have towns at the time of the transfer.
    • Inactive accounts are moved to the Asphodel server (see “Other Changes”).
    • If your name is already taken after a forced transfer, you will automatically be assigned a new one.
    • You will not be able to use normal server transfer items while a server merger is in progress.
    • The Festival of Worlds takes place on the target servers. For players who have relocated, this will run for 7 days longer.

    Other Changes

    • The merchant ships which you earn by inviting friends to place will become permanent ships with the server update to the new game version. These are no longer locked to friends and will also accompany you during server moves.
    • Inactive accounts will be moved to the Asphodel server from now on.
      • Asphodel is a special unplayable server.
      • You can return to active servers from here at no cost.
      • The transfer process is the same as outside the Asphodel server.

    On 29.11 (Monday), between 10:00 and 15:00 (CET), there will be a maintenance to update the version of the game and prepare it for the merge. During the maintenance, servers will be offline during a couple of minutes. Also, paid account transferred and IP sharing link will be deactivated. Paid account transfer will be activate after merge, IP sharing not.

    Merge itself, will start on 30.11 (Tuesday) at 12:00. This means that it's when the option for players to chose the target will be available and will last for 2 weeks.

    Due to several problems and also players feedback, was decided to not change the multi account rule. Everything will stay as it is now, including the limit of multi-accounts per server that is 10+1, so some account may have to be deleted.

    Also, accounts that will go to graveyard server:

    • Inactive accounts (no activity within 60 days) are transferred to the graveyard server.
    • Ghosted users will be transferred to the graveyard server.

    Accounts that don't chose activily a server:

    • Active accounts are randomly transferred to target servers
    • Inactive accounts without vmode are randomly transferred to target servers without activating vacation mode. Inactive accounts with vmode are randomly transferred to target servers with activating vacation mode.


    More information regarding multi-accounts:

    Multi accounts will be allowed but the function to link accounts will not be present ingame. Players will have to announce it through the support system.

    Please warn players that they will have to contact support after the function is gone.