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    Right now and for the last couple of weeks the Iranians of PGA alliance on beta server in ENT world are scandalously using millions of general scores to attack other alliances. They have 40 million gold today and 100 million tomorrow, 50,000 generals score today and 1 million tomorrow.

    Quite often suggestions have been made to stop these abuses, and it would be quite easy to,

    Yet the game authorities steadfastly refuse to listen to us and just say "the game rules allow it so live with it".

    Well, I have a suggestion to all the players who believe these abuses should stop... *removing and suggesting you read this post before you continue on with your suggestion* Please address pay-to-win and multi-accounting abuses

    Maybe this post will be removed from this board (we live in a world where censorship is the new normal) but this message can be spread through the alliance chats on different worlds.

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    Any players who will merge into the EN Community, you can join beta server and then join the ABBYS Alliance.

    We are an open-minded friendly bunch. We don't attack anyone unless anyone starts with us.

    The first twenty to join us get a month's free beer.

    Did I mention that we have a number of desperate young widows resulting from previous battles ?

    They are also waiting for you !

    This suggestion, or a similar one, like prohibiting players from re-entring vacation made for seven days, would indeed solve the problem of the gen banks.

    I challenge the game authorities to come up with a reason not to implement this. Unless of course they approve of the game spoiler gen banks !

    I hate to break it to you, but that happens on all servers. Alpha and Beta us, Alpha and Beta en. It is legal per the rules.

    Thanks, I am not really surprised.

    The rules should have been changed to avoid this "legal cheating" and it would have been very easy to do that but the game authorities have constantly refused to consider it.

    That, and the legal 10 plus one accounts per player, took away all fair play in this game.

    So be it. I suppose many players are in the same situation as I, we just keep the game going without enthusiasm, just because we have been here for years.

    I do advise all players not to spend any real money on this game. That is also legal isn't it ?

    Here is a heads up for players who would chose to come to server 2 Beta in the EN community:

    Quite a number of players (99% from Iran) are using a loophole in the rules by hoarding MILLIONS of generals scores with players who remain in perpetual hibernation so as to conserve their gold.

    Number one in the high score list for Generals has right now 15,816,984 Generals score

    Number two 12,958,076

    and so on, totalling 82 million generals score for the first 10 in the Generals high score.

    All of them are of course in perpetual hibernation, just coming out for a minute every 14 days.

    Or when there is a war going on, they will distribute these multi million generals scores among their group to squash any other alliance or individual.

    This is the situation on Beta Server.

    Earlier in this thread, the game authority claimed that this is perfectly within the rules of the game.

    We on beta server found that this practice is a huge game spoiler, it skews every war and makes it a mockery.

    So, be warned.

    A warned person is worth two.

    But except for that, you are all welcome !


    Gameforge for once made the right decision to stop the madness of the multi accounts but has sadly chickened out.

    The moment someone suggested they might sue for the ten Euro invested in the game and we are back to square one.

    Hpw sad.

    How stupid.

    On behalf of my alliance on Beta server I am asking if the rule change abolishing the multi accounts (which is much appreciated) could be accompanied by an additional rule change which would inhibit the use of Generals banks of players staying in extended and repeated vacation mode with millions of generals scores. This practice skews the logistics of warfare to a very great extent.

    Thank you,


    This situation with the cheaters has created a lot of hatred.

    That could not possibly have been the aim of this game.

    Not to mention that in RL the country where those cheater players come from is also not exactly beloved by many.

    All of this could have been avoided if the GF Authorities would have acted sooner to create a level playing field.

    It did not have to be this way.

    From 1 million gold to 137 million gold in one hour, just like that !

    It's a miracle !

    Halleluja !


    Total score 18,485,378
    Master builder 14,563,177
    Scientists 3,017,913
    Generals 865,487
    Gold supply 137,499,338

    On the 27.07.2020 6:39

    > Player: REVENGE007
    > Alliance: P G A
    > Points: 18,671,405
    > Master builder: 14,563,177
    > Scientists: 3,017,913
    > Generals: 1,051,729
    > Gold supply: 1,356,555


    Thank you for your reply.

    We are aware that you cannot change the rules. Please let us know what the higher authority replies to you concerning the underhand tactics used by the Iranians.

    In the meantime, please ask the GOs to keep a close eye on what is going on in Beta Server because quite frankly, it is becoming ridiculous.


    sea attacks on alliance

    Station fleets 101 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) Deliverance (McHaggis )

    Station fleets (en route) 1 HAJJ REZA (Netal ) Deliverance (McHaggis )

    Station fleets 1 Death emperor (Only P G A ) Deliverance (McHaggis )

    Station fleets 47 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) Deliverance (Tubut Verismaul )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 10 Shadow of Night (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 248 javadi (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 1156 javadi (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 10 javadi (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 541 javadi (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 1321 REVENGE007 (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 1390 Death emperor (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (en route) 36 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (Open battle) 36 REVENGE007 (warrior 8 ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy port (en route) 1 HAJJ REZA (Netal ) Nicky (Polis )

    Station fleets 1870 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) Nicky (Polis )

    Station fleets 88 s007 (s007 5 ) Nicky (Polis )

    Station fleets 50 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) Matcap (Wine


    land attacks on the alliance

    Station troops 2430 Shadow of Night (Persi4n United ) Deliverance (McHaggis )

    Pillage (Open battle) 276 Shadow of Night (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior

    Pillage (Open battle) 30 Shadow of Night (warrior 10 ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy town! (Open battle) 30 total (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy town! (Open battle) 30 total (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Pillage (Open battle) 852 Shadow of Night (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy town! (Open battle) 251 REVENGE007 (warrior 8 ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Pillage (Open battle) 3097 Shadow of Night (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy town! (Open battle) 3083 total (PGA power ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Occupy town! (Open battle) 60 REVENGE007 (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior )

    Pillage (en route) 852 Shadow of Night (ArTOn ) Deliverance (Chicken Warrior

    Station troops 1093 REVENGE007 (under world 2 ) Kitwe (-12- )

    Station troops 10 REVENGE007 (under world 10 ) jrav (The Abyss )

    It would be nice if a Game Administrator or higher authority could let us know if they think the Iranians are well within the rules of the game with their millions of Generals score, their Gen banks in V-mode and other disgusting tactics. At least we will know where we stand.

    This thread will not die and there is talk of boycotting all Ambrosia purchases until these problems in Beta Server are resolved.

    I share a post I received earlier today:


    You can see why players are going to v-mode or leaving the game .

    log into a war bank stick a 1000 fleet into a battle , go walk about for a few hours , then stick another fleet of the same size , pop into the war bank top up your loses ,. have a chat with a banker with the idea of buying and selling so as to replace your gold lose , then carry on as before. no tactics just use a big club

    and they (GO) wonder why players are leaving

    Revenge 007 is making a mockery of the game how with any amount of logic can a player produce/sustain a GS of 1296k .

    1,425,624 Generals Score !

    Can anyone explain how this is possible by playing honestly ?

    With a straight face, please.

    The Iranians were dumped on us when the servers merged and the server turned into a nightmare since then.

    This game was supposed to be a pleasant experience.

    It hasn't been since the Iranians came.

    At the end of the day, nobody cares what you or I mind or not mind.

    The arguments in this thread speak for themselves.

    Yet I highly doubt that the game staff gives two hoots about that.

    They will say "no rules have been broken, at least not that we could see" and that will be the end of it.

    So gen banks will continue, transfer of hundreds of millions of gold will continue, and those Iranians will continue to spoil the game for the rest of us.

    Revenge007 has at present a Generals Score of 604,326

    And he keeps on fighting against honest players who have like 60,000 -100,000 GS.

    If this is according to the rules, then there is something wrong with the rules.

    It is spoiling the whole server.

    The complaints about the cheaters/unethical players are real.

    I have reported several times that some players have 750,000 generals score without apparently running out of the measly 26 million gold they have.

    They either cheat or there is something seriously wrong with the rules.

    Those gen banks ruin the game for the honest players.

    I agree that a small rule change would solve these problems. Like suggested earlier, they should have to wait 24 hours after coming out of V-,mode before startting their nefarious business, or not be allowed to enter V-mode more than once a week.

    Is anyone listening ?