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    Since they updated to Lobby my game have been 1000 times more laggy, i can't play on different accounts without Crashing 24/7

    Then it's almost impossible for you to know if they attack multies 100 times/day if it's just pillage or a deal if there is not in game communcation

    What i wanna know is if they FARM, like attack just to get resourses and grow they take a unfair advantage of someones multies is that against the rules? i mean if the multies AND the attackers get banned or even the main acc owner that CAN*T do something against 4-5 players with the same amount of TS that can manage 4-5 times BIGGER GS Turkeh

    Hi i have a question for how long are you able to pillage someones multies without ban and even when i report they don't get ban when it's obvious they pillage multies...

    Hi i have pressed send link to my email, to link the lobby and another acc that somehow didn't were added in the lobby? But i never recive the email... checked the spamm folder aswell!

    Hi i have a question about changing friends,

    is it ok by the rules to remove friends when someone of my friends gonna research something to recive the bonus from their research and do that over and over again?

    Or is it illegal?

    Your cities will be transfered to the new world, and from there you can recolate them depending on how many you choosed when you transfered

    Brother we back off let them have their "war" and let them come to us when they are bored, 1 month you said? then we don't want to see you around us earleir than a month.

    If your alliance is around us and our core, we defend ourselves no matter what people it is! If it is a 60M account we defend our core, if it is a 5k player we defend our core. Next time think about what area you enter and if you come to our core be ready with the risks

    I guess what he try to say is that inactive players won't have an protection of Gold, they will lose all protection from pillages, which is a good idea by my opinion, i agree on that one, but what i see and what gameforge see aswell i guess isn't the oppertunity for them to get this from idea to reality because WHAT I GUESS without any experiance of programming or something like that, it is way harder to get that into reality than it seems too!

    but i agree on the idea it would been nice

    To the negative part of the idea, multies...

    You can play the multies like a normal player and when there is close to war get the account inactive pillage the gold from that account and you can fight ALMOST FOREVER!

    Hi i have for awhile thought about the function of Helios Tower and it seems right now pretty useless, i don't know your thoughts about it!

    I think it would have been nice to see an upgrade possibilities of the helios tower, like the sawmill and luxary recourses, Players that have cities on the island would be able to donate ambrosia to the helios tower and when they have reached an amount of ambro it being upgraded and can get up to like 5 levels?

    level 1 is when it's being built, 10%+

    level 2: 20%+

    level 3: 30%+

    level 4: 40%+

    Level 5: 50%+

    I mean this is an huge increase and ofc it would be a huge amount of ambro for the higher level, my suggestion is something like this

    level 1: 320 (i think it were to get it built)

    level 2: 500

    level 3: 1000

    level 4: 2000

    level 5: 5000

    I would like to hear your opinion because right now 10% for a ambro feature for an whole island isn't much in the early stage and in later stage ofc it can be much but with this it would be a BIIIIIG profit to get an Helios tower and increase the level of it, and also it can be worth to put in a durability, like if you don't donate an upkeep fee like 100 ambro/month it will level down or something, this will increase the oppertunity for usage of the Helios tower.

    This would make it more worth to spend the ambro on the helios tower and gameforge would be happy over the money they can make on this!

    I'm moving your thread from the International section to the English section where it belongs. And I would suggest you opening a ticket and asking them to take a look.

    answer in 48 hours... when i will be behind as fuck and don't have any profit by using that... i'm feeling scammed by gameforge that's it

    why can't i do?

    that is weird and where i rage i have already got a day with hell

    this feels like a scam... didn't recived level 2 townhall by completing the guide aswell bug accoung...