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    Regarding Day 24, is it okay to refer to invaders as "dogs" (without mentioning their name)?

    As always with content-specific questions, there can be no simple yes/no answer. It always depends on the context.

    Calling people dogs can quickly be interpreted as an insult.

    Day 24 - Christmas poem

    Today's task is to be creative.

    We are looking for a Christmas poem of your own devising consisting of at least 3 verses in a rhyme scheme of your choice, which should be specified.

    At least 5 independently chosen Ikariam-specific terms are to be used. These must also be named or marked so that it is clear during the assessment which terms are specific to Ikariam.

    Note: Please indicate whether you agree to the publication of your work so that not only the event team can benefit from your creations.

    You have until 26.12.2023 23:59 CET to complete the task

    Tag 24 - Weihnachtsgedicht

    Die heutige Aufgabe besteht darin, erschaffend tätig zu werden.

    Gesucht ist ein selbst erdachtes weihnachtliches Gedicht bestehend aus mindestens 3 Strophen in einem selbst gewähltem Reimschema, welches bitte anzugeben ist.

    Dabei sind mindestens 5 selbstständig gewählte Ikariam spezifische Begriffe zu verwenden. Diese sind ebenfalls zu nennen oder zu markieren, damit bei der Bewertung klar ist, bei welchen Begriffen es sich um die Ikariam spezifischen Begriffe handeln soll.

    Hinweis: Bitte gebt an, ob ihr mit der Veröffentlichung eurer Werke einverstanden seid, damit nicht nur das Event-Team von euren Kreationen etwas hat.

    Du hast bis zum 26.12.2023 23:59 MEZ Zeit die Aufgabe zu erfüllen.

    I miss Contest.ORGsaniser

    This lagu is too grumpy

    You can stop your trolling now. Nobody is forcing you to take part in the contest.

    By the way, what's the difference whether the tasks are posted by me or by the user Contest.ORGaniser ? Would you troll in the same way if the tasks had been posted 1:1 by the other account?

    The name Contest.ORGaniser was great in the days when .org had a single forum and a single community. However, in times where there are global servers, global events, global Discord servers (and so on), this is very outdated. This Event is for the global community, not .ORG specific.

    Day 23 - Letter puzzle

    Which letter completes the bottom row of letters?


    Note: The solution of the German version of the puzzle and the solution of the English version have the same solution path. However, the solution is different. You can send in the German OR the English solution.

    You have until today 23:59 CET to complete the task

    Tag 23 - Buchstaben-Rätsel

    Welcher Buchstabe kommt an das Ende der Reihe?


    Hinweis: Die Lösung der deutschen Version des Rätsel und die Lösung der englischen Version haben den gleichen Lösungsweg. Die Lösung unterscheidet sich jedoch. Es kann als Lösung die deutsche ODER die englische Lösung eingesandt werden.

    Du hast bis heute Abend 23:59 MEZ Zeit die Aufgabe zu erfüllen.

    There is a comment on day 20. You did not calculate the purchase price of Hopelite in the first place, which is 613 as it is on the black market. To calculate any profit or loss, we must calculate the purchase price + maintenance costs, then we subtract them from the selling price

    613 is the deafault value of hopelite in black market you can check it yourself

    That is right. But it doesn't matter.

    The question was, about the profit if you sell them instead of fire them directly.

    The price for purchase a unit was paid in both case the same amount. Therfore in both case it is the same and there is no more profit in the selling instead of dismiss case.

    Concerning Day 11:


    Note: Due to the different ways in which the individual views display the values, the rounded values were also recognized as correct.

    I sent the unrounded value, which is 4199.6475, is this recognised as correct?

    Sure, why should the right value be wrong?

    Concerning Day 18: Is it ok to send the pretax income?

    Sure, the rest was only added to display the way to solve this quiz

    Tag 22 - Schild-Rätsel

    Du hast jemanden angegriffen, mit dem du ein Kulturgüterabkommen hast. Nun sind deine Bürger wütend und protestieren vor deinem Rathaus. Zwei der Protestierenden halten ein Schild in die Höhe.

    Berechne den Wert für y mittels folgender Formel: y = ((2x + 20) / 2) + 3 - x

    Hinweis: Die Summe der Buchstaben, die auf der Vorderseite der Schilder zu sehen sind, ist x.

    Du hast bis heute Abend 23:59 MEZ Zeit die Aufgabe zu erfüllen.

    Day 22 - Shield puzzle

    You have attacked someone with whom you have a cultural property agreement. Now your citizens are angry and protest in front of your town hall. Two of the protesters are holding up a sign.

    Calculate the value for y using the following formula: y = ((2x + 20) / 2) + 3 - x

    Hint: The sum of the letters on the front of the signs is x.

    You have until today 23:59 CET to complete the task

    I think too, that there are 2 different but equally correct answers.

    Should we send both and explain the reasons?

    You are welcome to send in both answers that you think are correct. However, please make sure to mention which one should be scored. This is unfortunately necessary, as otherwise anyone can send in dozens of different solutions in the hope that the correct answer will be included.

    Regarding Day 21, (just in case I didn't get the pattern right) if my answer is different from the official answer, but I could still come up with an explanation that fits into all three birthdays, will I be considered correct?

    depends on the explnation.

    I'd give it a try, if i would be in your position

    Day 21 - Birthday puzzle

    Selly, Norbert and Felix have known each other since their school days. Norbert's birthday is on 07.11, Felix's birthday is on 05.02.

    When is Selly's birthday?
    (Hint: English UK)

    You have until today 23:59 CET to complete the task

    Tag 21 - Geburtstags-Rätsel

    Selly, Norbert und Felix kennen sich seit der Schulzeit. Norbert hat am 07.11 Geburtstag, Felix hat am 05.02 Geburtstag.

    Wann hat Selly Geburtstag?

    Du hast bis heute Abend 23:59 MEZ Zeit die Aufgabe zu erfüllen.

    Day 20 - Ikariam Question

    Your general is worried! You have been attacked!

    In order to defend yourself properly, you buy 2000 hoplites from another player at the predefined gold price in the black market. Two hours later, when your attacker sees your 2000 hoplites through espionage, he has so much respect for you that he refrains from attacking you again.

    As your citizens can now live in peace again, you no longer have any use for the units you bought. Although you have Militaristic Future level 5, you don't want to be stuck with the maintenance costs unnecessarily and consider whether you should dismiss or sell your hoplites.

    However, your living space in the city is full, so you decide against firing your hoplites and look for a rich buyer. In the meantime, you build up your black market just enough so that you can sell the hoplites.

    You have found a buyer and sell your hoplites to him for 800 gold per hoplite.

    It took you exactly 30 hours to build the black market and find a buyer and successfully complete the trade.

    Your form of government is theocracy.

    How much profit did you make in the end by selling the hoplites instead of firing them?

    You have until today 23:59 CET to complete the task