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    Dear players,

    on Wednesday, 10.01.2024, from around 10:00 am, the monthly server maintenance will take place, during which the servers will be shut down and the operating systems updated.

    The servers will be unavailable for 30 to 60 minutes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Your Ikariam team

    Liebe Spieler,

    am Mittwoch, den 10.01.2024, ab ca ~10:00 Uhr findet die monatliche Servermaintenance statt, bei der die Server heruntergefahren und die Betriebssysteme geupdatet werden.

    Die Server werden fĂĽr 30 bis 60 Minuten nicht verfĂĽgbar sein. Entschuldigt die Unannehmlichkeiten.

    Euer Ikariam Team

    maybe you notice that you have selected the english section of the board. Please us therfore the english language otherwise we can move the topic to the italian section as well.

    Thanks for your understanding

    Thanks for reporting the topic.

    The answer is correct and valid.

    However i have forwarded the topic in 98542 bring the preview back to an working preview.

    Preview should display the same thing like the normal external page

    The winners have been finalized and have passed the validation of their account data.

    The prizes will be distributed during the day today. This means that the items will be placed in the inventory of the accounts in question. The coupons will be sent via e-mail.

    All winners will be notified via e-mail.

    The winners are spread as follows:

    6x en-server

    4x de-server

    1x ae- server

    1x bg-server

    1x es-server

    1x gr-server

    1x it-server

    1x ru-server

    1x us-server

    The careful reader will have noticed that there were 17 winners. There were 3 participants in 15th place and we thought it was unfair to deny 2 of the 3 accounts concerned the prize. Therefore, the prize of the 15th place was also awarded to the 16th and 17th place.

    Die Gewinner stehen fest und haben die Validierung ihrer Accountdaten bestanden.

    Die Gewinne werden heute im Laufe des Tages verteilt. Das bedeutet, das die Items in das Inventar der betroffenen Accounts gelegt wird. Die Coupons werden per Mail versandt.

    Alle Gewinner werden per Mail darĂĽber benachrichtigt.

    Die Gewinner verteilen sich wie folgt:

    6x en-Server

    4x de-Server

    1x ae-Server

    1x bg-Server

    1x es-Server

    1x gr-Server

    1x it-Server

    1x ru-Server

    1x us-Server

    Dem aufmerksamen Leser ist aufgefallen, das es 17 Gewinner gab. Auf dem 15 Platz befanden sich 3 Teilnehmer und wir fanden es ungerecht, 2 von 3 betroffenen Accounts den Gewinn zu verwehren. Daher wurde der Preis vom 15 Platz auch dem 16. und 17 Platz zuteil.

    But as always, you know better than those who have access to the relevant data.

    You are aware that relevant data is what people are asking for?

    What data exactly are you asking about?

    The solutions to the corresponding tasks are published.

    Of course, you will not be given the e-mail addresses and account holders of the participants. Only the potential winners have checked whether the data is correct.

    If you would like a list of the participants and the points they have achieved, I must also disappoint you. This will not be available.

    Just a quick question - where exactly is the reference to the topic you have chosen for your problem? Unfortunately, I can't see it.


    something is wrong with the board, i got an alert this was a posted in a topic i'd posted in, so this was a longer thread at one time.

    i have just asked in the old topic an question in case i oversee something and Gigiki has used the topic for a specific reason.

    Now draxo has splitted it directly to keep the other topic clean

    The fact we're past Christmas holidays and no results have been published is crazy...

    Yes, Christmas is over. And so is the contest itself. The winners have also been announced. But as is the case with such contests, the account holder must also be validated, so that no one receives prizes where there is no matching account.

    But all this takes time and people who, like most people, are on vacation at the usual times.

    I am currently the bottleneck with my free time, as the ball is back in my court.

    Grundsätzlich gibt es dafür ein paar Rahmenbedingungen, welche nicht allgemeingültig beantwortet werden können.

    Ist der Account noch vorhanden oder wurde er gelöscht?

    Kannst du deine Accountinhaberschaft beweisen?

    Das muss für jeden Einzelfall mit dem Support geklärt werden.

    Ein Versuch ist es wert wĂĽrd ich sagen.

    Da accountspezifisicher Support notwendig ist, hier :closedthread:

    PS.: Den Support findest du hier;

    We are working on analysing all the solutions submitted and determining the rankings.

    In the meantime, you can enjoy the entries that have been submitted and approved for publication. Many more poems were sent in, but either the publication was not approved or the approval was forgotten to be given.

    Please note: Not all submissions adhere neatly to the rhyme scheme and not all rhymes are actually rhymes.

    This task was about creativity and not perfectionism, especially due to the fact that many people from other countries also took part.

    Wir arbeiten daran, alle eingesandten Lösungen auszuwerten und die Platzierungen festzulegen.

    Währenddessen könnt ihr euch schon einmal an den eingesandten und zur Veröffentlichung freigegebenen Einsendungen erfreuen. Es wurden viel mehr Gedichte eingesandt, jedoch wurde der Veröffentlichung entweder nicht zugestimmt oder die Zustimmung vergessen zu erteilen.

    Hinweise: Nicht bei allen Einsendungen ist das Reimschema sauber eingehalten und nicht bei allen Reimen handelt es sich auch wirklich um welche.
    Bei dieser Aufgabe ging es um Kreativität und nicht um Perfektionismus, insbesondere auch aufgrund der Tatsache, das viele aus anderen Ländern ebenfalls teilgenommen haben.

    The task from 24.12. could be solved until 26.12.2023 23:59 CET.

    The last entries will now be reviewed and validated, after which an internal provisional list of winners will be drawn up and then submitted for validation, if the mail does belong to the mentioned account holders.

    Once this is complete, the winners will be announced.

    Unit names, building names, research, names of Gods... None is not unique to Ikariam.

    If I mention them does it count like Ikariam-specific terms or no?

    These are regular every day words?

    This is exactly why you should mark the words that have a connection to Ikariam for you. One of the points here is that you should not simply take existing poems by other poets and pass them off as your own creation.

    It seems to be working now. I wonder if the problem might have been the shortness of the approvee, PW, and that the name has no similarity to Gameforge? I think many people would reject that as a scam, so maybe the bank was doing it automatically?

    Nobody here can give any information regarding the payment process.

    Nobody here has access to the required logs and can tell for sure what happend in your personal case.

    If you like to get an answer you need to get in touch with the right support department.

    kind regards