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    Here are some battle reports with Artemis, mighty navy guy who was vacationed first.

    Then he almost killed my entire fleet.

    I was planning my revenge and then I caught him while sleeping :)

    Then when I wanted to clear the remaining ships and temp the attacks, Vac button was clicked by Artemis which seems to be perma.

    At the end, tnx to him I had one true decent navy opponent who I was fighting with on this server.

    I wanted to post this thread as a final goodbye to eurydike and ikariam for some time. For me, it was great as I was back to the game after 5 years of retirement.

    Since eurydike was almost dead due to a new server, we launched attacks on phx to provoke final war on this server. Just a note that phx is no1 alliance in rankings, they have strongest accounts and claimed as incredible warriors, se we wanted to try them. At the beginning, they were trying to fight back but later on they ALL fleed to vac when get caught.

    They are just good at threatening and claiming they conquered this game.

    Also, I would like to mention one guy, MrJangle. It is enough to declare gauntlet war to him so he can go to vacation, while he was the cockiest among them. Constantly rude and using offensive languange but the only thing he can do is to click VAC button.

    Vacationed phx members:

    1. Artemis

    2. Maximus

    3. Shlayder (twice)

    4. MrJangle (twice)

    5. Cabbie

    I need to say that yesterday when we invaded their islands, Beast leader Drobecek dismissed 8k generals. If not, we would probably have more CRs here :(
    Another member Drullu did the same thing, but he had only 3k.

    Glavonja will probably retire since there are no more beast ships to kill. What a shame!

    One from previous thread is duplicate, here is the missing one.

    Since they didn't even response on our war declaration and they refused ingame gauntlet we will count the old way, here on the thread.

    They were brave while PHX hold their back... Now they hide in mouse hole again.

    Let the hunting begins.

    The time has come to introduce very first war on eurydike server. War with BEAST.

    Just a quick intro which lead to all this. In recent week, we (LT) had some small issues with PHX alliance which escalated with some fights. Nothing official, it was mostly for fun to make this server more excited.
    Today, BEAST alliance invaded our islands and attacked all our members with no explanation. Even tho we warned them to stop or we will have to declare official war, they ignored it so here we are.
    Lets count our corpses and shipwrecks to see who is smarter, more active or luckier :)

    Offical war will start on TUESDAY at 00:00 and will last for 7 days when we will send gauntlet request. In case ingame gauntlet war won't be accepted we will count generals here on thread.

    At the end of day, hope we will all enjoy it on both sides.